ron paul revolutionRon Paul is considered by some to be a very controversial figure, and by others as the most sane man on earth. Praised for his prescience on Iraq, and lambasted for an anti-free choice position on abortion, either way you look at it, the man inspires.

You certainly have to admire him for his dedication to the ideals of the white slave owning elite rebelling against their founding colonial overlords. The shiny white light on a hilltop that Reagan spoke of was indeed a compelling story for which the world considered us supermen. From Egypt to Siberia, America was the highest ideal one could aspire to.

But America conned them. Messy election wrangling, corrupt politicians of all stripes on the corporate bribery train, and Ron Paul alone stands among them with ideals worthy of the founding fathers. One hopes his message get through to enough people, but the largely disaffected tens of millions of the American citizenry have already had their own revolution. They’ve succeeded from the Union with a Declaration of Apathy.

Keep your ears up for your countrymen, and don’t believe the hype!