Black Friday is one of my favourite shopping holidays and it isn’t hard to see why. The deals are simply insane, but that doesn’t mean you should go out and carelessly spend all of your money. I recently found a great ebook about Black Friday and some of the best tactics to get the most from this once a year shopping event. Here are my tips for approaching the upcoming Black Friday.

Pick what you want

I think one of the best points made by the Black Friday ebook is that you should be prepared to have what you want in mind. This means going to try on a piece of clothing or trying something else out before you even consider buying it. It is best to have a list of things that you might want, so you can keep an eye on them during the Black Friday Period.


I think one of the best things that I like to do when budgeting for Black Friday is to budget an amount for things that I want (which we covered above) and to have a surplus for those things that are just too good to pass up. I think a budget is important for getting what you want and not overspending, especially when the temptation is there to buy any and everything possible.

Sign up to newsletters

Tracking the website of every retailer may not be practical, so a great way to prepare for Black Friday is to sign up the newsletter of a few retailers and to get the deals delivered straight into your inbox. Another benefit of this is that you may receive deals that are not actually available to the general public. Newsletter are a goo

Look at trends

Retailers are going to have similar trends in terms of deals and it is a good idea to note the ones that have the biggest discounts and this will give you an idea of where you should start to shop. Of course history does prove useful in this case.

Shop online

This is my top tip for Black Friday, I cannot tell you how stressful it is to shop on Black Friday in a retail store. It is just crazy and I would avoid it at all costs. Like we mentioned above, you should first try everything out or on and then know what you want and then when you see the deal during Black Friday you can pounce. This is so much more convenient that visiting many stores, because you have everything right at your fingertips. Shopping online is also going to mean that you get the best price possible.