Hiring a car should be a quick and easy process and especially when you know the right things before you even drive away. The following tips can make your next trip a lot easier when it comes to renting a hire care. Read on to find out more.

Check the tyres

It is import to check that the tyres of your rental are in good working order so that you don’t have any issues on the road. Summer tyres will naturally have a shallower tread than those of winter tyres, so it is also important to take this into account when considering the amount of wear on the tyres.

Take photos

Taking photos of the condition of the car is important when you first rent one to avoid any insurance hassles later on. Each car has a damage report, so it is important to double check this and see if there is anything that may be missing from this. Photos are a great way to prove it and you should ensure that you can see the licence plate of the car in at least a few of the photos.

Order extras

Getting extras can be a great idea, but you should only get them if you really need them. FOr example, you should think more about what kind of trip you are on. Are you in a new city? If so you probably could benefit from a GPS navigator. If you are traveling for a long time in the car with others, an entertainment system could be very useful. Each trip is different, so take this into account when purchasing extras.

Keep your costs down

Obviously when renting a car it is important not to incur extra costs that just aren’t necessary and I really like to keep things lean when it comes to rental cars. You really need to think about the extras (as we talked about above) and also the purpose of the car. For example, you aren’t going to need a big SUV for driving through the city, it will consume a lot of fuel and also be much harder to park. You need to consider the real reason and the real needs that you have to get the right car for you and to keep costs down.

Get insurance

Insurance is so important for any car rental, after all, it isn’t your car and accidents do happen. If you are unsure what the different levels of insurance cover, then be sure to read closely and ask as many questions as you need. Don’t be afraid to do this too, there is no value that you can put on peace of mind, so ask as many questions as you have.