One such tool is Photoshop, and a Canadian artist from Alberta put it to good use in reimagining Van Gogh’s work, giving us new insight into the beauty of the originals AND the reimagining. Using Photoshop, Serena Malyon, an illustrator and student at the Alberta College of Art & Design, selectively applied the ’tilt-shift’ effect to Van Gogh’s great paintings, providing a fresh new look at these masterpieces. For those who don’t know, tilt shift is a large format camera technique of throwing the background and foreground out of focus. I’ve never been so impressed with VG’s impressionistic paintings, even though I do appreciate his unconventional style was ground breaking at the time… and while I could go one and on about what I consider an improvement, I’ll let you be the judge…

van gogh field with poppies

van gogh landscape at auvers after the ain

van gogh mountains at saint remy
van gogh pont de langlois painting
van gogh prisoners exercising

van gogh red chestnuts in the public park at arle

van gogh snow covered field with a harrow
van gogh starry night over the rhone

van gogh starry night

van gogh sunset wheat fields near arles

van gogh the harvest

van gogh the painter on his way to work

van gogh the ed vineyard

van gogh view of saintes maries
van gogh wheat field with rising sun

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