Whether you are looking for a home in the United States, Australia, Great Britain or the Caribbean, home prices will likely dictate the size and location of your home. Excellent real estate opportunities are everywhere and if you are an adventurous type, you can find a great home at a reasonable price.

Real Estate in the United States

Since the big fall several years ago with out of control mortgages in the United States, the market has calmed down and buyers are once again getting into home purchases they can afford. Interest rates are at an all-time low in the United States and real estate opportunities are everywhere for those that can qualify for a mortgage. New York, San Diego, California and Washington D.C. have all made the Forbes’ list of top real estate markets in the United States while Phoenix, Arizona and Detroit, Michigan come on the bottom.

Great Opportunities to Buy Real Estate in Canada

Calgary, Canada is one of the fastest growing cities in all of Canada and the job opportunities available make Calgary, Canada a wonderful place to buy real estate in the world today. With jobs in the service industries and over 70% of the population working as self-employed entrepreneurs, the city of Calgary boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates around. The city has plenty of new construction for the discernible buyer and the atmosphere is one of prosperity and growth.

Real Estate on Ecuador’s North Coast

According International Living, Ecuador’s north coast is one of the best places to buy a beach property today. With recent road construction that has made travelling to the area from the city of Quito take half the time, this virtually undiscovered stretch of the Pacific Coast is a desirable place to buy real estate. The price for a beach lot hovers around $31,000 and a luxury beach home in a gated community costs $135,000. The north coast of Ecuador offers some of the most affordable luxury beach accommodations in the world.

The Rental Market in Iracema, Brazil

Brazil is now a middle class country that boasts a strong rental market in real estate. Condos just a block from the beach are going for $125,000, making Iracema, Brazil another desirable location to buy a vacation property. It is hard for vacationers to find a quality rental property in the city and so purchasing a condo and renting it out to people on vacation will provide enough income to likely pay for the mortgage.

Real Estate Opportunities in Australia

Although house prices in Australia are higher than those in the United States, those living and working in Australia are making more per hour than Americans. It might seem more expensive to live in Australia, and dollar for dollar it is. But Australians have a much higher median income than workers in the US, and therefore can afford more with less work. With some of the biggest houses in the world, Australia boasts beautiful coastlines and residents can afford to live large.

Buying property can be a very profitable venture for those with good credit and those that are willing to travel. Sites such as iBuyNew can provide you with plenty of resources and information as you search for property. Finding the right property for your money takes time, but by studying the real estate markets in various countries you can find the best place to get the most for your money.