Bush personally asked Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle to limit the congressional investigation into the events of 9-11, as reported by CNN. The request was made at a private meeting with congressional leaders. Sources said Bush initiated the conversation. He asked that just the House and Senate intelligence committees look into the potential breakdowns among federal agencies that could have allowed the terrorist attacks to occur, rather than the broader inquiry which had been proposed. That discussion followed a rare call to Daschle from Vice President Dick Cheney the Friday before to make the same request.

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Read the below reports and you may understand “why” Bush and Cheney don’t want this in the light of day. As Alex Barber once told me, “American media has been shaved closer than a Czech girl’s pubic hair” and this may explain why the bulk of these reports come from abroad, with even the Canadian media scalding the mainstream US media for completely ignoring the below disturbing reports, which regardless of the sources, points to something fishy going on.

First off, I’d like to remind every reader of the fact that there are long-established protocols in place for handling planes that have gone off their course and head towards downtown New York. There are many pre 9-11 reports of planes being escorted by military aircraft out of the area. And while it is possible that one of the jets may have slipped pass, there is no way in hell that the second plane got through UNLESS IT WAS LET THROUGH!

It is a FACT that standard FAA and DOD “intercept and shoot down procedures” were violated on 9-11. It is a FACT that standard intercept procedures for dealing with these kinds of situations ARE TOTALLY ESTABLISHED, IN FORCE and ON-LINE in the United States 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

NOTE: Many of these links have been killed by the relevant government agencies. Try googling to find their current locations by title. If you think this is the crazy ranting of one Think publisher,

check out the regulations yourself:

• Regarding rules governing IFR requirements, see FAA Order 7400.2E -‘Procedures for Handling Airspace Matters,’ Effective Date: 12/7/2000 Chapter 14-1-2.


• Guide to Basic Flight Information and Air Traffic Control (ATC) Procedures. Chapter 5-6-4 “Interception Signals” www.faa.gov/ATpubs/AIM/Chap5/aim0506.html#5-6-4.

• Chapter 10-2-5 “Emergency Situations” www.faa.gov/ATpubs/ATC/Chp10/atc1002.html#10-2-5.

• Chapter 10-1-1 “Emergency Determinations” www.faa.gov/ATpubs/ATC/Chp10/atc1001.html#10-1-1.

• And then there’s FAA Order 7610.4J ‘Special Military Operations’ Chapter 4, Section 5 www.faa.gov/ATpubs/MIL/Ch4/mil0405.html#Section_5,

• Chapter 7, Section 1-2, “Escort of Hijacked Aircraft: Requests for Service” www.faa.gov/ATpubs/MIL/Ch7/mil0701.html#7-1-2.

• And the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction 3610.01A,’ 6/1/2001, “Aircraft Piracy (Hijacking) and Destruction of Derelict Airborne Objects,” at: http://emperors-clothes.com/9-11backups/3610_01a.pdf.

• For a clear and detailed description of flight plans, fixes, and Air Traffic Control, see: ‘Direct-To Requirements’ by Gregory Dennis and Emina Torlak at: http://sdg.lcs.mit.edu/atc/D2Requirements.htm.

Absolutely NO executive-level input of ANY KIND is required for standard intercepts to be scrambled. But an executive order could keep those intercept planes on the ground…

Walter Burien, on Radio Free America, 11/11/2001 said “I was one of the first tenants in the World Trade Center (WTC) back in 1979. Back then – over 20 years ago – it was known to all the tenants of the WTC that the WTC was a “no fly” zone. If you came within 12 miles of the WTC, flying outside of a pattern where you were supposed to be, you were warned to back off. If you came within five miles, they would threaten to shoot you down. If you came within three miles, they could shoot you down.

If I remember correctly, on the roof of tower No. 2 they had surface-to-air missiles for that purpose, plus also the Spatz helicopters for that purpose. I had a friend who was flying a small plane who got warned away and they almost blew him out of the sky 20 years ago because he was showing somebody a close view of the towers. I can see the first tower getting hit by surprise, but 15 minutes later the second tower also gets hit? I don’t buy it.”

bush's not so secret coupSo then, this trail leads to someone at the top again, and I can’t understand why everybody just refuses to see the plain truth, by using COLD HARD LOGIC.

Toni Morrison, Nobel laureate in literature hit it on the head last month: “We may be witnessing the Nazification of our nation”. Does all this sound too bizarre? I’m sure pre-war Germans had the same skepticism in the 30’s. After seeing the “Superbowl-Neuremburg Rally” last month, every conscious person should begin to be worried.

Cheney has spoken of a list of 40 to 50 nations where US military strikes may occur. If another major terrorist strike occurs in the US, Amerikans may very well lose their civil rights completely. As this begins to come out there will be some desperate people in power that will do desperate things to keep it covered up.

Who knows, I might even be killed for printing this, so if I’m dead, remember that you read it here first. But what else to do? Get drunk and close your mind? No, you must act now, while you still have some freedom left to act with. And while protest is largely ineffectual, you can get a freely emailed Activist Kit, by writing to findtruth40@hotmail.com with “Send Kit” in the subject line.

‘How could this have happened?’ many of you might ask, if it wasn’t the work of some very mad people indeed. Well, you don’t have to have memorize Machiavelli to understand the concept of PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION. First you create a PROBLEM, then you fan and manipulate the REACTION of the masses and offer up a SOLUTION, which more often than not is more control, more taxes, and more police.

But in the aftermath of 9-11, the US Congress was reluctant to approve Bush’s sweeping grab for power and control, and the subject had been held up by debate amongst the Congressmen and women.

That’s when the ANTHRAX scare hit the Capitol. I’ll never forget the speed with which all disagreement about the establishment of a POLICE STATE was quashed after the politicians were herded out of the building to the glare of the world’s news cameras. And what about this Anthrax?

The Anthrax sent to the Democrat leader Tom Daschle and to major media outlets critical of President Bush (NBC & The National Inquirer) had the effect of “uniting the nation behind the Bush Administration’s war effort,” and literally shutting down Congress in many ways.

Many oddities appear when the anthrax issue is looked at closely. The New Science Journal reported that the Anthrax sent to Daschle was NOT Russian or Iraqi, but a US military strain! This Anthrax was definitely linked to a type made by the US government. Again, let me repeat: The powder use
d in the anthrax attacks is virtually indistinguishable from that produced by the United States military, and that’s according to federal scientists.

And then there’s good old Osama, the patsy in this whole mess. But what are the relations of the US and Osama, more specifically his work for the CIA? This prompted me to call up the Terrorism Hotline; “Hello, I’d like to report the name of someone who funded Osama Bin Laden and helped him set up his terrorist training camps.” The operator was definitely listening… “The name is Reagan, spelled R-E-A-G-A-N…”

In addition to several pre 9-11 reports, one US government agent claimed the CIA had been dealing with Bin Laden since 1987, and suggested in an interview that the terrorist acts of late may well have been planned and paid for by the CIA with US taxpayers money to enable the Bush Administration to “legitimately” bomb Afghanistan into submission.

Michael Springman, who worked for the US government for 20 years with the foreign service and consulate, exposed the CIA’s links with the terror attacks when he went public with the story of his involvement in a large scale CIA operation that brought hundreds of people from the middle east to the US, issued them passports and trained them to be terrorists. This interview was with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and can be heard at: www.straightgoods.ca/ViewNote.cfm?REF=1267

Also, during a controversy over the awarding of a bid for an aviation maintenance facility in Lynchburg, Virginia, in what had begun as a purely local spat, there was unearthed connections between Rudi Dekkers – the Dutch national whose Huffman Aviation trained both of the pilots at the controls of the airliners which crashed into the World Trade Center – and the CIA.

The new evidence adds to existing indications that Mohamed Atta and his terrorist cadre’s flight training in this country was part of a so-far unacknowledged U.S. government intelligence operation, which had ultimately tragic consequences.

Far from merely being negligent or asleep at the switch – the thrust so far of allegations expected to be aired at joint Senate and House Select Committee hearings next month – the accumulating evidence suggests the CIA was not just aware of the thousands of Arab student pilots who began pouring into this country several years ago to attend flight training, but was running the operation, for still-unexplained reasons.

It has also been reported that the Bush Administration had forced the FBI to “back off” on their investigations of terrorism in the Middle East. FBI Deputy Director O’Neill (killed in WTC on 9-11) reportedly resigned not long before 9-11 over this investigative obstruction, claiming that the main obstruction was the interests of American Oil Companies. (Source: Bin Laden, the Forbidden Truth).

And then there’s the UK Guardian’s report of the CIA Station Chief in Dubai, who met with Bin Laden only 7 weeks before 9-11 took place, yet did not try to apprehend him, only met with him, at a time when Bin Laden was supposedly “wanted” by the CIA for the embassy bombings in Africa.

For the full text check out: www.guardian.co.uk/waronterror/story/0,1361,584444,00.html.

If you need a smoking gun that the CIA was involved (And don’t forget Bush’s father once headed that organization!) just look who was set to profit on 9-11 before it even happened; none other than AB Brown Trust, which until recently was chaired by the 3rd highest man in the CIA.

This is someone with considerable financial resources, and obvious foreknowledge of the terrorist events, putting stock options “against” the airlines that were to explode that week. These Insider Trading profits were widely reported by the US media when they thought it was Arab terrorists … but the story mysteriously died.

Then the UK Independent (www.independent. co.uk/story.jsp?story=99402) revealed that it leads to AB Brown Trust and that $2.5 million of the “winnings” are still unclaimed. Since then, the US media has been silent.

problem reaction solutionIs it so outrageous to consider that elements of a nations’ government could commit terror on it’s own people for political reasons?

An ABC News story from May/2001 resurfaced on the anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis about how the US Joint Chiefs of Staff have in the past had ACTUALLY DESIGNED a plan to commit domestic terror on Americans to whip them into a war hysteria, to support war efforts by the govt. The Operation Northwood plan, which author James Bamford says “may be the most corrupt plan ever created by the US government, can be found at: www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/news/20010430

And why are they doing this? Because they can, because they are sick with their hunger for money, power and sadistic urges. And because we let them, every time we close our minds and stay blind to the truth.

What can we do about it? Nothing.

It’s already too late; the Endgame is in motion and they will continue with their plans of TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION, until the flaws of that strategy destroy them. All we can do is stay positive and be prepared. A bad engine always blows up; just don’t get too close to it when it does, and stay aware. It is a CONSPIRACY. A Conspiracy is a Clique Of Normals Secretly Planning Insideous Rituals Aimed at Controlling You.

And you’re soaking in it.