Content is the key

Gone are the days where people would find about things through dry press releases that were overly technical, businesses are now geared towards exciting and engaging content to improve their businesses. Read on to find out more about the new and lasting craze that is content marketing.


How important is it?

Content marketing are the two hottest words in marketing right now and for a very good reason, everyone is doing it now and you should doing it too. This seems like a recent development however quality content has always been a concept that has been effective in marketing, however the prominence of the internet and social media has put much more of an emphasis on content marketing in recent times and has increased its popularity. This is the age of the smartphone and marketing now has the ability to target more and more people, this has given rise to many marketing agencies offering this service such as Broadgate Mainland.


New and exciting

Things like the humble press release appear to be on the way out, of course these are very useful for news outlets and companies reporting specifically on these things however people now tend to find out about new occurrences, events or products through social media and because of this companies must put an emphasis on making these as interesting and engaging as possible. Some popular ways to achieve this recently have been promotional videos or competitions.


Keeping contact

Content marketing has become so important for companies to keep in contact with their customers and potential customers, even if the content being created isn’t necessarily geared to promote a particular product.


This gives companies the ability to check in with customers and learn more about them to aid in future planning about what customers want.


The benefit

Content marketing is giving everyone access to a higher level of content from an increasing number of companies and is also helping to grow social media as the main way we communicate information.


Therefore it is important to have a high level of accuracy for all content, this also needs to be engaging, interesting, exciting and relevant. This is a great scenario for users of social media as it is giving them access to the best content possible and is making companies work harder and harder to get you on their side.