I have been given the very stressful but very privileged job or organising one of my best friend’s stag do. As every  man reading this will know it is a very important event and one that has to live up to the hype.

I am having to organise and coordinate people arriving from all over the world, not everyone has met each other so that puts even more pressure on the 4 day trip to London being well thought out.


Thankfully for me London is an amazing city and one that I know very well, so I have planned a good mixture of days out and of course the obligatory over indulgence. So hear is my 4 day plan, let me know what you think because I am always open to advice and tips.

Day 1

This is the arrival day when everyone will meet in the morning. So the plan is straight out to lunch at the Shard in central London. We’ll have great views, great food and more importantly the booze will be flowing – getting the booze going early is essential to the bonding process before we get going. After that it’s back to the hotel, which I am sure will not be early, so people can have a swim, get showered and changed and ready to head out. We’re off to watch a local band that’s been recommended to me in Shoreditch, this should be a good day and hopefully not too heavy!

Day 2 

I have decided that we should pace ourselves and be active. So the day is action packed! First off we’re heading to a superb paint balling place where I am sure there’ll be endless fun and one or two of us will be left with a few bruises. Then to get the competitive edge going and bring out the inner Lewis Hamilton out we will be go-karting. I’m sure that people will be pretty tired after day 2 and due to that fact we’ll take it easy that night.

Day 3 

The big one! This is when we’ll really experience all that the city has to offer us. We’re having brunch in the BT Tower with a free flow champagne – this one will take a while. I have an extra special surprise for the groom because on Day 3 he’s going to be joined by 2 beautiful companions, just to make sure he has the time of his life! I heard about duo escorts in London from a colleague and I know this is going to be the highlight. They’ll accompany us all day and night as we hit as many bars and clubs in London as we can.

Day 4

The heads will be hurting, the bodies aching but there will be plenty of smiles and tales from the night before. Today is the last day we will all be together before the wedding, so I’ve booked us a box at Stamford Bridge so we can watch Chelsea play. It’ll be a relaxing day I think but I can’t guarantee it!