Depending on the climate which largely depends on where you live in the world there are a number of options available to you if you just want to relax with a chilled beer or glass of wine. Here in England the best climates can be found in the Southwest of the country and although the summer is generally very pleasant, winter can be a different case. However all is not lost as you still have a number of options open to you.


            The first has got to be a sauna. The word sauna is actually taken from the Finnish language and literally translated just means bathhouse. Due to the extreme cold weather in the North of Europe, they became very popular as it became a respite from the long winter days. The home assembly kits come with everything you need to construct your own Scandinavian sauna in your very own back garden. You can even purchase them prefabricated so if you are not such a handyman it can simply be delivered ready built. Sauna’s also have direct benefits to your health and have been known to relieve colds, arthritis and also fibromyalgia.

If you do prefer the outdoors then why not invest in an above ground swimming pool. They are not so expensive and you can choose between a variety of sizes depending on how many people you want to invite to your pool parties. There are a number of different ones available and you can choose between a simple inflatable one or for something that’s more of a permanent structure, but costs more obviously, why not opt for one of the more ridged sided ones. Remember it will be outside though so something for more use in the summer months as far as England is concerned.

Finally, if you want to go right upmarket and sipping champagne is more your style, try a hot tub. A little more intimate than a traditional pool you will be the envy of all of your neighbors when they see you chilling out in it. As for Cornwall hot tubs are perfect because of its typically nice weather and summer can last well into September and does not even get so cold in the winter. So, it will be up to you which option you decide on depending on price and available space.