in gold we trustThere’s not much to lose when you ain’t got nothin’, and ain’t much to be sentimental over if you hadn’t had nothin’. There’s a comfortable piece of ground to look down from, been there many times.

It’s not humble, and it’s nothin’ to be proud about, but it provides a certain panoramic smugness.

It screams out sometimes, unforgiving, not helpful, but all the more real for its humanness. It says every time you feel someone’s ignorant envy, the raw hatred inspired by new experiences, new ways of thinking, that you all are blowing it.

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Pay no mind the crimes of rudeness or the inconsiderate behavior the fleeting rich leave behind in the wake of their hedonism.

We live in times where we can take pills that will make us extremely horny and go to see the Spice Girls movie. Anything is possible, the limits of your happiness are in your imagination. Your prosperity is directly connected to how you interact with your fellow human monkeys.

Every woeful and degenerate act comes complete with an opportunity to either enforce respect or receive some form of karmic equanimity that can be experienced on as deep a level as you are willing to feel. Money is important, but probably one of the shallowest measures of success.

In 1990 there was an awesome chance for rebirth of both wallet and soul. The time was right, a small seed of hope and joy regarding the work ahead could have been planted. There are cities and towns worldwide, serious and productive, that are also renown for knowing how to party and how to create a comfortable atmosphere for visitors to let loose.

Places like New Orleans and Amsterdam bring back happy campers for life, many save all their money just to unload it on their grateful hosts. Millions and millions and millions of $$$, just for you and yours. All they ask of in return is a smile.

I offered three people 100 crowns yesterday if they smiled. All three frowned and I saved some cash for my next trip abroad. End of economics lecture. Lots of funky punks wandering around, bored cops listening to numbing bursts of ones and zeros.

In a way I’m glad these folks didn’t have to beat each other’s heads in, but it’s sad how music is used as a self-inflicted pacifier instead of an instrument to bring unity of purpose. Not even a frisbee on the scene, come ON people. Whip it, whip it good, shape it up, get straight, go forward, move ahead, try to detect it, it’s not too late, to whip it, whip it good.

Punk f*ckin’ rock, no?