For people that have mobility problems it is important to find a solution to give you more freedom, buying a mobility scooter is one of the best solutions out there at the moment. There are so many benefits and uses that make people want to get a mobility scooter; help you go shopping, go to events or community meetings, and also get around the local area and at home.


If you or you know someone that has mobility issues, then you might spend a lot of time thinking which type of solution – it could be a power chair or a wheelchair. The good news is that after a little research, you will be in a good position to make an informed choice about which mobility scooter is best.

Here are some great tips to consider before you purchase a mobility scooter.

Test Before You Buy

I think it’s a great idea to head down to a local mobility scooter shop and try out some of the models they have in stock. It will also give you a good opportunity to check out the prices and compare that to online prices, plus you will figure out which scooter suits you best.


Before you start to look at mobility scooters you should consider how you will use the scooter. Do you need to take it overseas on a plane, or will you just use it in your local area to run errands? If you’re going to travel long distances then you need to find a model that is easy to transport and will fit in your car.


This is essential, comfort should be near the top of your lift. Look for a model that is both supportive and also well cushioned, this means that you’ll be able to sit in it for hours at a time.


Cost is always an important part of any purchase, but don’t let it get in the way of the important factors. It can be a good idea to look past the initial cost and figure out how much it will cost to charge, transport and maintain it.


Ask as many questions as you can think of to people in the shop or online. Ensure that the scooter is suitable for your weight and is stable. It also needs to be easy to control and even consider headlights if you’ll use it at night.