It’s your day off and you’re at a loose end, so what should do? Nothing too strenuous, shower, shave, dress and head for that newly built coffee shop on the corner, not forgetting to slap on some aftershave. When you have ordered your coffee and a slice of cake, think what is the common denominator of your day so far, no idea? Well it may surprise you to learn it is mixers. From cosmetics, buildings that surround you to the humble slice of cake on your plate, all of these require mixing before they reach you, the consumer.


Mixers are finely engineered pieces of machinery made to very high technological specifications and they come in a number of varieties. Shapes and sizes from domestic to industrial applications are available depending on needs and uses. Take, for example, the disperser mixer that delivers precise mixtures that define the end product. These modern industrial machines are built with safety in mind and are self-cleaning so no human contact is required that places health and safety at risk.


Nowadays industry demands quick and efficient methods of productivity, bigger and better seem to be the bywords for profitability. A batch mixer can be just the monster needed to achieve optimum operating standards. Producing up to 8,000 gallons a batch and using different blades to determine viscosity, they are used in places such as laboratories and on huge production lines. Mixers called continuous processors are employed in industries that have discovered they are energy efficient and thereby leave a smaller carbon footprint, pretty heady stuff you might think, and you’d be right. Any one for another slice of cake?

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