Of course it is important to visit your dentist for regular oral inspections, but sometimes your dentist may recommend that you go to see an orthodontist. An orthodontist is a dentist who specializes in specific aspects of dentistry usually associated with the more cosmetic side of the profession. The word itself literally translated from Greek means Ortho – to straighten, and Donto – tooth. If you do need specific treatment your orthodontist will use a number of methods to firstly diagnose the problem and then decide on a suitable treatment to rectify it. So, why might you need specialized treatment for your teeth? Well some of the most common problems are spacing, crowding, overbite and underbite.


            Spacing is a quite common condition and is basically when your teeth, instead of being close together appear to have large gap between the individual teeth. This condition can be caused because teeth have been lost, or it has occurred naturally. Depending on the severity of your condition the orthodontist will decide on a suitable treatment.

Crowding, if you like is an opposite of spacing and basically instead of having gaps between your teeth it looks like there are too many teeth for your mouth to accommodate. Obviously, when there is too much of something the normal thing to do is remove what is not needed. In this case your practitioner will decide how many or which teeth are going to need to be removed. The teeth are then usually re-aligned using a variety of methods now available.

Overbite and underbite are also distinct opposites of each other and can be treated in a number of ways. Overbite, as the name suggests, is when the upper jaw extends beyond the normal range of the lower jaw. It is one of the most common causes requiring orthodontic treatment and depending on how much the upper jaw is misplaced will depend on the treatment required. Underbite, on the other hand is when the lower teeth extend beyond the upper ones. Again, varying degrees will require different treatments.

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All of these conditions can be easily treated and you need not go through the discomfort that they may cause you. For professional advice on any of the above orthodontic treatments, then Newbury orthodontist, Park Lane Orthodontics can provide expert diagnosis and treatments available.

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