Online florist Michael Dark has released a new line of hanging glassware. They hope to help people to create beautiful floral creations in their own home in a way that is different and out of the box. A range of different hanging vases are offered to suit every type of taste and décor or design

Michael Dark is a highly popular online florist based in Newton Abbot, Devon. Besides offering fresh flowers and a full floristry service, they also sell a range of accessories that help with the presentation of bouquets. Today, they have proudly announced a brand new line of hanging glassware, which is bound to be highly popular with the public.

“Everybody knows what a vase looks like, and they have become so commonplace that people don’t even notice them anymore”, says a spokesperson for “This is why we wanted to provide our customers with something different. Hanging glassware is real stand out from the crowd, eye catching and beautiful and we have a range of different options available to suit any kind of taste.”

The store currently offers both hanging cone and glass ball vases. These can be used both in and out of the home. The glass ball vases are made of a very clear and delicate type of glass and they have proven to be highly popular as a wedding decoration or corporate displays. Because they are pre-strung, they can be hung in tree branches or wishing trees for an eye-catching effect. They are incredibly versatile and they can also be attached to one another, perhaps to hang in front of a window as a kind of garland of vases. People also frequently put artificial lights in these ball vases, although the glass is not suitable to be used with real candles.

A lot of people are becoming interested in air plants, which are plants that do not require any soil to grow. These look particularly good in these hanging vases, where they are able to collect the moisture that they need for their survival. This also means they can be hung up quite high, as there is no need to water them at all.

The store also offers glass test tube vases, which are all created by OASIS. These make a simple floral arrangement look artistic and amazing, creating a focal point in something much larger. They are also used to display single flowers of exquisite beauty. They are often placed in smaller rooms or areas such as windowsills and bathrooms, where they bring a little bit of nature inside without cluttering up the entire area. As can be seen on, they are also available in a seahorse shape, for an even more unusual design that fits wonderfully in a beach theme.

The store now offers a range of different hanging vases. These include:

  • Bud vases

  • Cones

  • Hurricane vases

  • Globes

  • Test tubes

“We want to make sure people can make the most beautiful floral creations”, added the spokesperson. “In offering these vases, we hope that people will have the confidence to display their own flowers and bouquets, rather than having to purchase entire bouquets each time. Naturally, we don’t want to stop people from buying a bouquet, but there is so much fun to be had and beauty to be created from individual flowers as well.”

“We also provide professional advice to our customers. We do not expect everybody to suddenly be an expert florist. Our customers can simply speak to us for some advice on what they can do with different vases.”