Sometimes it can be a little tough to be a man when it comes to fashion, but it really doesn’t need to be this way, you just need to know how. This post is dedicated to all those guys that can afford to look their best, but don’t know where to start. So read on to find out more about how easy men’s fashion can be.

Staples make the man

Having the right wardrobe staples are absolutely ideal for looking your best, especially because these are the things that you are going to be wearing the most often and therefore you need to pay special attention to these. Ideally these items can be mixed and matched to make any outfit pop, here are some things you absolutely need:

  • Great glasses – Glasses are one of the most noticeable accessories that anybody can wear, because they are right on the place that people look at the most: your face. Therefore you need some that are interesting, but not too crazy. Chanel glasses, for example, can be really great for adding that little bit of luxury to your outfit and giving an interesting twist too
  • A nice pair of jeans – jeans are something that are also very versatile in a man’s wardrobe and can fit into any setting. Naturally darker jeans are more formal and you can dress them up or down with ease.
  • Dress shoes – Every man needs these to complete his outfit and add a little bit of class
  • Sneakers – Sneakers add a relaxed element to any outfit and are a must have. Black or white leather sneakers can fit with more or less any outfit.
  • A beautiful coat – This is something that any man should really invest in, money should be of the least concern here. A good quality jacket that fits will last for many years and is something that will always look good.
  • A great fitting suit – a suit that fits you well will always be your best friend, this is an absolute must for any man.
  • T shirts in different colours – great basic t shirts go with absolutely anything, so why not buy a few in colours like black, navy, white or grey. These are an absolutely must for any man.


This is another thing that a man should consider. Generally speaking, the more you spend on quality items, the longer they will last. This does not mean that everything you buy needs to be super expensive, but you can really get some good wear out of a good quality jacket or shoes. These are extremely important and can make or break your outfit!