When you are setting up your own business, there are suddenly more things to worry about than you can easily keep a handle on. Luckily, there are also great merchant account service providers that offer things like a free credit card machine to get their clients set up and ready to succeed! With a service provider like Merchant Account Solutions, you get the benefit of an established service with a company that truly cares about their customers along with an easy invoicing process and great technology.

Free Credit Card Machine

One of the worst things that can happen as a small business owner is setting up your payment options and payment processing service only to realize that you cannot afford to pay for the equipment that you need to make customers’ lives a little easier throughout the checkout process. This is where merchant account providers like Merchant Account Solutions come in! Merchant Account Solutions offers a free credit card machine to their clients, which means that you get something your business needs to thrive without spending extra money on it.


Finally, do not forget to pay attention to the other options that the merchant account service provider in question offers. Merchant Account Solution, for example, offers a portable credit card reader along with the lowest credit card processing fees around. They’ll even meet a competitor’s price! Additionally, they offer an easy invoice system that integrates with QuickBooks, making the process smooth and easy for even the most novice of business owners.

For a merchant account service provider that really cares about their customers, give Merchant Account Solutions a look today. They offer a wide variety of service packages to suit almost every need, and the customer service to help back up their equipment with 24/7 support should you find yourself in need of help.