Dental marketing is extremely important for dentists and there really is no question that it is more important than ever to effectively market any kind of business. Perhaps the better question is how can dentists effectively market themselves in this digital age. This article will talk about the particular channels that dentists can look at using to market their dentistry and achieve the greatest success possible.

Social Media

Social media forms a very interesting way for dental practices to interact with their customers and it has already changed the way we interact with others. This is especially the case in the “smartphone generation”, where many people are constantly using their smartphones on a day-to-day basis. The number of people using social media is absolutely huge and there are literally billions of social media accounts and these are something that dentists should be aiming to engage with. Of course there are certain restrictions when it comes to the number of people that you could have as clients, due to location, but you should be aiming to advertise to people in the area of a dental practice.


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is perhaps the most interesting of all forms of modern marketing, because people are constantly using search engines to access information (including where to find dentists). Therefore optimising your business to rank highly in a search engine searches is extremely important. Can you think about the number of times that you personally use a search engine per day? Can you also imagine the number of times you went past the first page of search results to find something you were looking for? This number for most people is very few and therefore SEO is extremely important.

Word of mouth

This is a form of marketing that has existed since the beginning of businesses themselves. Of course if you find something good you will tell your friends, work colleagues and family to go there. This could be a dentist, restaurant or anything really. There is very little that a dentistry can do to actively influence people to say or not say something about their business, but a good experience will always help them to recommend your dentistry. The most important thing is that everything in terms of customer service is top notch and here you will win with word of mouth marketing.