When you’re smile isn’t correctly aligned there are many benefits for going to see an orthodontist because you’re likely to develop some oral health problems. There are plenty of methods that they can use to help you, from traditional metal braces to Invisalign, and we’re sure you’ll have a perfectly straight smile once your treatment ends.

So what are the main benefits you’ll get from having orthodontic treatment?

Less Risk Of Tooth Decay

When you have crooked teeth it is very easy for food to get caught in between them. Bacteria will build up, this increases the acidity in your mouth and ends up coating your teeth with plaque. If this is not treated enamel starts to erode which will lead to cavities.

Reduce The Chance Of TMJ

Misalignment of the teeth will put major strain on the joints of your jaw. As TMJ develops you will find that it can be difficult to open and close your mouth. Some patients notice that they hear a pop or click in their jaw, plus headaches as well as facial discomfort.

Decrease Gum Disease Risk

Plaque can lead to tooth decay (as mentioned above), and it can also result in inflammation of the gums. If this remains untreated then you are likely to get gum disease; symptoms of this will be sore or bleeding gums, receding gums and even loose teeth. When you correct the alignment of your teeth you will reduce the plaque around your teeth that cause the inflammation.

A Pleasing Smile

One of the main reasons people often look to orthodontic treatment is to improve their smile. From personal experience I can tell you that the results are amazing – I have never felt more confident that I do now when I smile.

Less Grinding

Having misaligned teeth will being a lot of strain on your jaw, this can make you clench or grind the teeth – the grinding will really damage your teeth in the long run, so aligning your teeth correctly will combat this.

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