I love my electric toothbrush and it is possibly the best investment that I have made into keeping my teeth clean (aside from visiting the dentist of course). I think that everyone should get one and here are some of the reasons that I love what my electric toothbrush has done for my teeth.


Bang for your buck

Electric toothbrushes come in a range of prices to suit all types of people, with all being rather effective at removing plaque and bacteria from the mouth. The best thing that is that it doesn’t matter how much you spend, an electric toothbrush will keep your teeth cleaner and your mouth healthier than a normal toothbrush. This is the best dental solution when it comes to price and effectiveness.

It cleans better than a manual toothbrush

Because electric toothbrushes move very quickly and oscillate they are much more effective at removing plaque from the teeth. You would need to brush for a very long time with a normal toothbrush to get the same results from an electric one, especially when the recommended brushing time is two minutes or more with a normal toothbrush. You can really remove so much more in this short time.

They are easier to brush with

Because the toothbrush is providing its own momentum, you only need to place it on your teeth. This means that you really don’t have to fight with your toothbrush to get your teeth clean, you just need to make sure that you are reaching all the right areas.

It is much easier to clean

Electric toothbrushes move very quickly and therefore it is very easy to clean them. You can simply rinse the head under running water and leave the toothbrush running. The toothbrush will effectively clean itself through its own movements and means that you are brushing every time with a nice clean toothbrush.

The head is much smaller

Because the heads on electric toothbrushes are much smaller, they are naturally much better at reaching all areas of the mouth. Most people tend to have trouble reaching certain parts of the mouth and the small head and effective cleaning power of an electric toothbrush are definitely a huge advantage.

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