London is one of those cities that is on every traveler’s radar, and for good reason. It’s jam packed with history and culture, it’s home to some of the world’s finest restaurants run by some of the best and most charismatic chefs, and there are Instagram-worthy views everywhere you look. What’s not to love?


While there are certainly families from countries around the world who visit so the kids can see the changing of the guard, or museum buffs who arrive in London with a carefully outlined itinerary, there are also those people who come for one of the city’s other main attractions.

Yes, I’m talking about the nightlife.

London has long been known around the world as the epicenter of the world’s club scene. Way back in the old days when punk was the breakout music genre, London was at the forefront of new music and trends. This has continued over the years and while some eyes may be trained on the likes of Ibiza and Shanghai, London will always be the king when it comes to nightlife.

If you’re planning a visit to the UK’s most energetic city, these are a few of the nightclub experiences you won’t want to miss.

Ministry of Sound

This legendary nightclub goes at the top of the list for a number of reasons, one of which is the fact that it is really the one that started it all. Created to emulate the house music clubs in the United States of the 1980’s, Ministry of Sound has morphed into a record label and radio station in addition to a club, and it is still going strong.

Ministry of Sound hosts EDM artists from all over the world, which includes some of the biggest names in the business. You’ll want to book your tickets well in advance and arrive early whenever possible; the queues can be impossibly long. You’re likely to find yourself in the company of celebrities of all types at Ministry of Sound, so be sure to dress to impress. Bonus points if you can find a date in London and arrive with a stunning English beauty on your arm.


Opened in 1999, London’s Fabric has consistently been voted one of the world’s best clubs by DJ Magazine and features three rooms with individual, top of the line sound systems. Weekend nights at Fabric are known to be intense, but the designers have very graciously provided chill out areas with beds to relax on.

Be sure to check their website for weekend DJ listings and consider booking a table for yourself and your friends. Having the luxury of a private table can come in handy after long bouts of dancing.

Studio 338

Billed as London’s biggest nightclub, Studio 338 is home to fantastic resident DJs and touring acts from all across the globe. With a design reminiscent of the large and lavish clubs in Ibiza, Studio 338 features a huge outdoor terrace for evening summer fun, and the same space is also heated in the winter.

With a capacity of over 3,000 partygoers, Studio 338 has its mind set on revamping the London club scene with its funky mix of house and techno, topped off with drum and bass.


Long known for its eclectic and vibrant gay scene, partygoers can get their fill of specialty gay events at Heave, located in Charing Cross, Heaven serves up student nights, service industry nights, and a host of spectacular music events that are not to be missed.

Heaven’s three floors offer up incredible sound and light systems, which make this one of the city’s most popular venues. Book in advance to ensure that your night in Heaven is as you always imagined it. 

Egg London

One of the best things about London nightlife is the fact that is often really and truly does go on all night. However, not all clubs are licensed for these types of shenanigans. Thankfully, Egg London has permission to keep things going at all hours of the day and night.


With indoor and outdoor spaces, a lineup that consistently rivals anything else anywhere, and their decadent Sunday morning breakfasts, Egg London is a club like no other. Book a private table here so you can really get the full range of the Egg London experience.

Visit the museums and other London sites if you must, but be sure that you have allotted ample time to take in the nightlife scene that this city is famous for. After all, club pictures look just as good on Instagram as photos of Big Ben do.