There are plenty of songs about New York and it’s clear to see why. It’s a great city, a melting pot of people and cultures. If you’ve just moved to this glorious city then here are a few tips for living in the city that never sleeps.


Walk a Mile in My Shoes

There are so many people in New York that it makes sense that the majority of the people here walk to where they need to be. It’s definitely not a bad idea as there is so much to see on every street and corner. You never know what you’ll find.


Take Me to the Subway

If walking is not your thing then the subway is a great and cheap alternative. With over 468 stations around the city, you can get basically anywhere with a train. So when you’re out partying there will be no way you could drink and drive as the subway will be at your disposable. The only probably downside is that you might just forget how to drive thanks to the convenience of the subway.


You Can Find it at the Market

Honestly, there is no better place to find everything you need to furnish your apartment, feed or even dress yourself than any of the markets found in New York. From the infamous Brooklyn Market to the Union Square Greenmarket, you will find all kinds of deals. The best part is that you can reach all these markets with the subway.


Down in the Park

New York can be pretty stressful and overwhelming but the numerous parks are great for unwinding and de-stressing. It’s scientifically proven that nature improves your mental and social well-being, so take advantage of the beautiful outdoors and relax.