The start of 2017 has been accompanied with many world events, and  people from all over the world will probably still travel back and forth for vacations, and others temporarily or permanently relocate to another country for their own reasons. Expatriates are a different class, more of refugees seeking the good life for themselves and their families, influenced by the standard of living in their hometown or the discovery of a dream destination that would give them the life they want for the long term.


Migration into particular expatriate countries depends on many factors such as employment opportunities, experience, and other benefits – one of the countries in this list may be perfect for you. Here, we gathered 5 popular expatriate countries you should visit once in your lifetime or even settle in.

1. United Arab Emirates

This Middle Eastern country, composed of emirates, is a popular destination for workers seeking to enjoy the generous expat salary packages, the accommodation salary for some, and the added bonus of no income taxation. Dubai and especially Abu Dhabi city had proven to be the cities expats head to the most in the United Arab Emirates. Expats need to remember that the UAE is an officially Muslim country and need to respect its laws, and factor in other expenses into its somewhat steeper cost of living.

  1. Canada

The second-largest country in the world possesses a unique combination of British or European and North American influences which make it a popular expat destination from expats originating from those regions. Canada has a lower cost of living, with more affordable housing and property, exemplary social programs, and a robust immigration that seems to attract more workers to its industry sectors in time.

  1. Singapore

Apparently, this similarly high-paying city-state in Asia is great for advancement and fulfillment in your career but less for other personal aspects like living standards. It’s still considered among the safest and cleanest places in the world, attracting tech professionals and others to its high quality of life.

  1. Hong Kong

Like Singapore, Hong Kong’s standard of living had slightly fallen behind according to some researchers, but the opportunities for career advancement remain at their peak. This special administrative region of China can be said to be East meets West, and the towering skyscrapers coupled with the efficient healthcare system, endless entertainment, easy and well-established public transportation system make Westerners feel at home, especially with its powerful economy and luxurious culture.

  1. Switzerland

This small idyllic and benefit-laden nation in the heart of Europe ranked first in 2016, and topped the list of best countries for expatriates this 2017 as well. The salary range is perfect for Americans and everyone else earning the mean dollar – at its best well above $180,000 annually – and the work condition such as work-life balance is similarly friendly. This annual income almost doubles the world average. The gorgeous scenery and occasions for healthy outdoor activity are the perfect setting for a destination for expat families with children.


Expatriates are an evolving bunch, and status quos behind their decisions are ever-changing as the landscape of travel involves on its own stead. This article was brought to you by JustFly reviews, if you want to read more about travel and the cultures of other countries you may be interested in, check out our website!