Twerking was introduced by Beyoncé, but popularized by Miley Cyrus. It’s led many people to believe that this is a type of fad dance that will fade away soon enough. This couldn’t be further from the truth, though. The truth is it’s a long history in dance and remains one of the most popular dances in both Europe and North America.


Along Racial Lines


African-American dancers were the first to introduce twerking some twenty years ago. It wasn’t known as twerking, though. It was known through the combination of the two words ‘work’ and ‘twitch’. Until it hit the mainstream, it was found in the hip-hop clubs of North America. This dance comes firmly from a single racial community. Today, it is a dance for all, but we must remember its heritage.


Current Popularity


The popularity of the dance has led to it spreading throughout Europe and becoming a craze in North America. With that in mind, we have to acknowledge that it was popular long before it hit the mainstream. This fact alone shows that this isn’t a fading dance. It won’t be a dance that fades away anytime soon, either, because it continues to be maintained by extremely influential figures.


We can see the current popularity of the dance through the current fad of teenage girls performing tweaking videos and uploading them to YouTube. However, why is it so popular? To put it simply, it’s sustained by the likes of Nicky Minaj and every other hot celebrity who continues to incorporate it into their live performances. It’s the simple principle of ‘monkey see monkey do’. Teenagers who look up to these performers are bound to react by virtue of the role model effect.


What’s the Future of Twerking?


The current peak of popularity has to come down eventually. It can’t sustain itself for long simply because all good things must come to an end. Celebrities will innovate and performers will move on. Twerking will become a dance move of the past, which most of us will remember fondly as a fad.


That doesn’t mean for one second that we’re going to lose out on twerking in the long-term. As already mentioned this is already a staple of hip-hop and existed long before it reached immense heights of popularity. So get your twerking skills ready now. They will come in handy for many years to come!