Almost everybody at some stage has lost a filling or chipped a tooth but there are some more serious conditions that happen that will also certainly require some kind of emergency dental treatment. Some emergencies will not involve painful treatment which is a common cause of people not addressing the issue, but some conditions can turn out to be extremely serious if you don’t get them treated right away.


            A simple toothache, even one that is not particularly painful should always be treated immediately. There are a number of causes for a toothache but it is usually some kind of infection that has been caused due to a cracked, broken or chipped tooth. Best case scenario is that the infection can be treated using easily available antibiotics prescribed by your dentist and then minor repairs carried out on the damaged tooth.

Worst case scenario on the other hand is that the protective enamel on the tooth is damaged so severely that the soft part of the inner tooth is exposed. Because our mouths are a breeding ground for bacteria it becomes very easy and fast for infection to occur and an abscess forms in the tooth tissue, gums, and even the jawbone. This is when serious dental treatment is required as left untreated can lead to serious medical complications spreading the infection and causing you to be seriously ill.

A dental abscess can be treated in a number of ways depending on how bad the infection is. The first and probably the least invasive is that the dentist will make a tiny cut in the infected part of the gum and allow the infection, commonly a pus like fluid, to drain away. They may give some antibiotics to clear up any remaining infection.

Another procedure they might perform is a root canal. Slightly more invasive, it involves the dentist drilling a small hole into the required area and removing the infection. Once all the infected area has been cleaned, the hole is then sealed and usually covered with a porcelain cap.

The third is that the tooth may be so infected that it is extracted. Obviously the tooth will then need to be replaced which implies additional cost, but your dentist and yourself can decide on the best course of action for you.

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