How can you argue with this?

Invisible Empire: A New World Order DefinedOne of the most life transforming products of citizen journalism in InterNet’s short history was the production of Loose Change which outlined the flaws and fallacies in the 9-11 Commission’s Report on the terrorist attacks on the WTC with ample use of mainstream media reportage and eyewitness accounts.

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The "Joe Fratboy" everyman Jason Bermas went on to a life in the public eye that only the fame of 100,000,000 webviewings can bring. Now he’s back with an even more insightful peak at the man (or men, about 4,000 to be exact) pulling the levers of control behind the curtain (in this case, a Main Stream Media curtain). Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined, provides us with an historic narrative of the multi-generational project known as the New World Order.

Produced by Alex Jones of fame, the film lays out the names, the games and the shames of the global elite in easy to understand (and hard to refute) television art with graphics worthy of several industry awards.