Technology has made huge advances in recent years, and there are very few areas of our lives not touched by the digital revolution. Young children are now digital natives, growing up with smartphones and tablets as a natural part of their lives, and often know more about these devices than their parents or grandparents. Playing a game is probably the most common introduction to technology, and then over time, they progress onto more complicated, educational, and interesting apps, as they get older.

However, it is not just children playing games on digital devices, most adults with a smartphone do too. For a number of years games consoles were the favored option, but the cost of purchasing them and buying all the latest games was out of the financial reach of many. Then came the explosion in smartphones, which according to Statista, now account for over half of all internet use worldwide.


Games For Smartphones And Tablets  

As well as games specifically created for the type of device being used, all of the old classic games are available too. There are card games, racing games, and puzzles, to name but a few. Games you can play live against other people. There are old classics and new games, something for everyone’s taste. There are games with chartrooms attached for social interaction while you play, and online casinos and betting games, for when you fancy a flutter. The online casino market is especially strong on mobiles, with a series of games beyond casino classics such as roulette and blackjack. If you haven’t, you should take a look and see what you think.

You might be pleasantly surprised by how much enjoyment you get from relaxing at home while having fun playing games on your phone. Most games have apps, which saves you all the signing-in page load time. These are usually available from the Google Play Store or iPhone App Store, depending on your phone. A search through your app store will show you many games apps that are free, so you can try them out without spending a penny.


A Computer In Your Hands 

A smartphone is basically a computer with a much smaller screen, and there is very little you cannot do on them. Some of the best-known and largest gaming companies have realized this and now aim to compete in the market for smartphone games.

Some of the games have become so popular, even famous people have been found to be playing them when they should be concentrating on other things. Games on smartphones are a way of relaxing for many. Its good to sit in your favorite chair after a hard day’s work, and not worry about anything except if you can win the game.

Sometimes, players let games take over their lives, they can become obsessed with progressing to the next level, or winning just one more game before they put their phone down. These people are in the minority, for most people playing games on their smartphone is just a bit of fun, for when they have the time.