It’s just a few hours from midnight and after thousands of years of evolution all we can get it up for is money worries. How spiritual. Anyways, the drug law has become law and smile!, there will soon there will be cameras tracking your every move.

That is, of course, if you don’t believe why Uncle Scam was so forgiving of all the tunneled money and accepting the CZ into NATO with open arms. Although we are strategically important somehow, the west to this point, hasn’t really tried, outside of Hollywood Bullsh*t and tabloids about “stars”, to influence us about how we want to conduct the everyday business of living.

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It seems plausible that we could take advantage of the natural advantages we have here to create one of the coolest scenes in the world. First, we have to ask ourselves if we want to be an international city of cultural importance or some kind of farmer’s market.

I should think the advantages of new ideas and more complex ways of seeing the world are obvious, after all, Prague has always been a meeting point of different peoples.

It’s difficult to make great financial leaps in our stagnant economy, but the actual costs of day-to-day living is relatively cheap in terms of food, drink, and time. People in the big cities west of here are often caught like rats in a maze, stressed out and worried about the future.

We can use our time to make great music, sell it to each other for half of the crap they try to sell us for 550 crowns; take advantage of weak or non existent copyright laws to make a whole different kind of sampled music, invite your friends from abroad and make the CZ a sampler’s paradise.

What are they going to do, send in the army? And you know this logic applies for almost anything you want to do, whether it’s peaceful demonstrations at Nam. Miru, or growing your own vegetables.

The time is now, the control is coming, check out Enemy of the State if you want to know why we moved from America. It’s very rare that, and it seems this part of the world should be more aware than most, people have a chance to shape their own destiny. We at Think will continue to work on the positivity and want your ideas and input about who, what, where, and how you see the potential of this great city becoming fulfilled.

Last year was just too money conscious. I hope all of you find success in this new year in all your plans and dreams. The next level is as close as our collective awareness and energy to reserve cynicism. The sad state of the official leadership tells us that they have no vision of the possibilities, and even less to say to those who do.

Carpe Diem y’all, there’s no heart behind the official line, and the biggest threat to their sloth like apathy is our happiness.