'In Deference to Ahab' by Alexander JorgensenHe has recently returned to the States, leaving behind for us an absolutely beautiful, self-published chapbook of his work. Elegant rice paper overlays several of the poems, and the black and white photos are striking. Jorgensen lists Robert Creeley under the Acknowledgements, but little influence is apparent.

Jorgensen digs parsimony; the poems are slightly intellectual and confessional in tone, most of them short. The worst poems suffer from a self consciousness probably learned in grad school, and apparently the acid experience he describes in ‘Identification Tags’ wasn’t enough to shake it. The best of the poems in In Deference to Ahab drop the pretense and scream sex in a way that is difficult to argue with.

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Consider ‘Port of Entry’:

‘Your lips look nice greased up like that’

Black powder and Pussy!


cries the six shooter.

Happy sails Alexander, and if you Think readers are looking for a nice gift for your somebody special, you couldn’t find a better gift for the price.