grey alien• Entirely lacking in positive qualities such as compassion. Reported most often is a complete lack of emotional response, even when physically assaulted. Some report signs of crude emotional states such as anger or frustration, but this isn’t common.

• Except in minor ways, completely lacking in the ability to make individual decisions. Little or no individual consciousness.

• “Hive” based behavior, i. e., decisions made almost entirely through collective consciousness communicated through electromagnetic impulse. Often noted are simultaneously identical responses to a single stimulus. Will often show uncertainty or long delays in response to unexpected circumstances. The above characteristics throw strong doubt on the notion that the grays possess true awareness, a soul, or a free will.

• Highly sophisticated neurology with electromagnetic radar abilities.

• Capable of sensing even tiny variations in EM fields; therefore, keenly aware of local electrical devices.

• Extremely sensitive to human brain function within several feet. Cannot directly read thoughts, but able to read level of brain activity with high degree of accuracy, even through doors. This process is probably not passive, i. e. ; it is the result of electromagnetic feedback similar to radar.

aliens are here for our women• Usually does not approach directly unless victim is soundly asleep. Can apparently sometimes use remote electromagnetic devices to induce or deepen sleep in victim.

• May observe victim with unnatural patience, waiting motionless for hours on end, sometimes night after night, until victim falls into sleep. Will then approach.

• Able to direct strong electromagnetic impulses towards the human brain, though only effective over a short range of a few feet. The effect is disorienting and paralyzing. Most effectivewhen several at a time beam signals at the victim from close proximity.

• Presence will usually deflect small magnets or compasses within a few feet. This may be due to electrical apparati, but the gray itself is strongly electromagnetically active, at least relative to our biological norm.

• Large, almond-shaped eyes appear to focus both outgoing and incoming electromagnetic stimuli.

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• Electromagnetic fields in craft severely disruptive to electrical equipment. Conversely, modest electrical fields common in household appliances can effectively disrupt the gray itself and can interfere with abduction.

• Gives off distinctive stench due to incomplete digestive system. Wastes are excreted directly through the skin. The smell is often described as burnt wood or ammonia.

• Requires light within visible wavelength for motor functions. Cannot physiologically transmit or detect all EM waves through all frequencies. Detailed graphs of both transmission and reception potentials would easily lead to devices able to disable or kill the gray, as well as their equipment or craft.

• It would not be possible for the “alien” invasion to succeed without silence in official circles, the naivete of the general public, and a significant number of implanted abductees. Extreme stealth has been the most striking aspect of abductions, but sightings and abductions are growing bolder and more careless every day.

• Physiology often described as chlorophyll based, but this could be an error. More likely that feedings are widely spaced. Often reported that food is taken in through the skin by immersion in solution, the solution often being liquefied animal or human remains. It has been claimed that a significant portion of the world’s missing children have been used for these purposes.

• Lack of reproductive function. Most are probably cloned or cultured from biological materials obtained by animal mutilations or abductions.

• Abductees routinely implanted with one or more devices. Patterns of repeat abductions indicate that these serve as locating devices, though they may have additional functions.

• Craft are highly sophisticated, bristling with electrogravity devices. Strength of the gravitational field around the craft varies constantly, therefore bending visible light so that the shape, color, and strength of the image also vary.

• Gravitation field generated around craft permits inertial system independent of physical coordinates, so that appearance of rapid acceleration and movement is actually due to the relative displacement of coordinates rather than actual changes in velocity.

• Because the human experience is normally confined to a single space-time continuum, it isn’t possible to say where these “aliens” or craft really originate from. It hardly makes any difference.

The government has been conducting a disinformation program for 50 years to deceive or desensitize the public. The current stage is to allow the alien presence to come to full public awareness, but present them as benign beings with official apologies for the past cover-ups.

The government will deny knowledge of the abductions, allowing CSETI, mind-control victims, and staged alien abductions to cast blame on the government itself, which it will tacitly accept.

By the time the public learns the entire truth about the “alien” practices and intentions, the infiltration and invasion will have been completed. The government, if that is what it may be called, will be totalitarian and “gray” controlled. Those who assisted the aliens, either naively or in the hopes of dividing the spoils, will also be enslaved or consumed.