We all know that cruising is the new popular holiday trend, and if you want to take part in this new craze, how do you know the right way to go about it? 

Well, picking a cruise has a few tiny elements you need to pay attention to, in order to get the most out of your time exploring several different places within a short space of time. Of course, you always need to pay attention to the getting to the ship part of the equation, and if that involves flying, which most of the time it will, then you need to have all your travel plans in order. 

To cut out stress I always book airport parkingand drive myself, because I find the whole experience a lot calmer, and it often works out cheaper too. I regularly use Leeds Bradford Airport parking, but you will find services at most airports within the UK, both large and regional. Grabbing a cheap flight to meet your cruise ship can be made easier and cheaper by going with this option. 

Before you get to that point however, you need to look at some particular criteria to choose your ideal cruise.

Check out the cruise ship

Not all cruise ships are the same, and not all cruise companies are either. Head online to forums, such as Cruise Critic, to get opinions and comparisons on the different ones, so you can pick the right one for you and your travel group.

Look at the itinerary carefully

You might see a bargain cruise, but it’s no good booking it if it doesn’t go to the places you want to see. Think carefully beforehand about where you’d like to visit, and make sure you find a cruise with an itinerary that ticks most of, if not all, of those boxes. 

Don’t always book shore excursions through your travel company

You might be all excited and want to book your shore excursions when you book your cruise, but just hold your horses and do a little shopping around first! You might find that the excursions organised by your cruise company are more expensive than those you can find more locally. Obviously do a little research into these first, and make sure they are going to get you back to your ship before departure time, but overall you could save money here.

Drinks packages are worth it

Your food is generally included in the cost of your cruise, but you may find that soft drink and alcohol packages are additional. In this case, it is worth buying them because it works out cheaper than paying for them per drink. 

Finally … enjoy!

Cruising is a wonderful way to see a lot in a very small space of time, almost a try before you buy kind of holiday, finding places you may like to explore in more detail in the future.