A UK online travel agency has today released result of a new piece of research that showed that around 75% of all honeymooners are able to access freebies while they are on their honeymoon. This includes such things as complimentary alcohol, room upgrades, room hampers and treats and more. Indeed, these particular freebies seem to be offered in the main to newlyweds. During their breaks, these holiday makers can also expect an average of £430 in other freebies.

A UK online travel agency has recently completed a piece of research that demonstrates just how much honeymooners can received in complimentary services and upgrades, as well as free goods. The results showed that this totalled to around £430 per couple on average. And all of this is as a goodwill gesture, generally with no strings attached.

“Our results show that it’s certainly worth informing your hotel if you are on your honeymoon; with the average couple getting over £400 worth of complimentary goods and services”, says a representative of the research team. “That’s a lot of freebies you could be missing out on!”

The research was completed by the www.sunshine.co.uk team, who are currently looking into what the overall holiday and travel experiences are for people in the United Kingdom. During their research, they found that some 1,874 newlyweds took part in the questionnaire and all of these had enjoyed their honeymoon abroad. The questions included in the survey looked at whether or not they had received any freebies during their vacation, and if so, what the types these were and what their value was.

One of the questions was: “Were you offered any complimentary goods and services during your honeymoon when staff realised (or were informed) that you were newlyweds?”. Of all the respondents, 74% had answer this positively. This means that almost every honeymooner will be able to enjoy freebies of some sort. Indeed, statistically speaking, it is likely that the 26% who answered no to this question were in the main people who did not mention to anybody that they were actually on honeymoon. Naturally, the question made it very clear that the freebies could not include anything that was given to all guests as part of an “All Inclusive” package deal.

Once it was identified that someone had been given a freebie, they were then asked what type of freebie or service this referred to. In order of most to least common, these were:

  1. A free upgrade to the room or suite was reported in 41% of cases.

  2. A complimentary serving of alcohol, such as a free bottle of champagne, was reported in 39% of cases.

  3. Room hampers or treats, such as chocolates or flowers, were reported in 25% of cases.

  4. Free and complimentary spa treatments, such as massages, were reported in 19% of cases, which also says a lot about the type of holidays honeymooners are likely to go on.

  5. Complimentary meals were offered in 13% of cases.

Respondents were also asked to estimate how much they felt the free service or goods they had received would be worth in total. On average, the answer that was given equated to £430 per couple, which is a substantial amount. Indeed, it would make honeymoons a lot more worthwhile, in fact.

“Honeymooners can often benefit from freebies during their stays abroad”, says Chris Clarkson, Sunshine.co.uk ‘s Managing Director.  “But our top advice for newlyweds would be to pack a copy of their wedding certificate as proof that they’ve recently married. Hotels and service providers will often ask for this, to prevent couples telling a fib just to get an upgrade!”