Gypsy Hearts - Robert M. EverszGypsy Hearts has been widely reviewed in the United States and the United Kingdom, with The New York Times Book Review writing, “It’s amazing what a new writer can do with the old routines…With his slick style and cheeky cynicism, Eversz is already an expert at setting heads to spinning.” Kirkus Review gave the book a rare starred review, citing, “Smart-alecky, frequently hilarious storytelling, with brainy send-ups of vampiric Europeans and idiotic Americans on the dark side of the post-Cold War Grand Tour.”

And The Hungry Mind Review, noted, “Eversz, who is adept at deadpan humor, straightforward action, noirish suspense, and cunning satire, cuts fluidly between cinematically vivid scenes and passages of sinuous psychology….Eversz has concocted some of the most startling woman-dominated heterosexual couplings found in literature.”

Set in Prague’s 1992 American community, Gypsy Hearts is narrated by Richard Milhouse “Nix” Miller, a young Hollywood con man on the prowl for femmes and fortune in post-Cold War Central Europe.

Posing as a famous Hollywood screenwriter, Nix meets Monika, a green-eyed femme fatal who spins a tale of her Gypsy ancestry and robs him blind. Convinced he’s met his match in duplicity, Nix chases Monika to Budapest, where he confronts her with a business proposition: team up with him or be turned over to the police. But Nix is unaware of the depths of Monika’s depravity, and together they plunge headlong into a life of deceit, sexual debauchery and addiction to “the con.”


Eversz resided in Prague from 1992, and was instrumental in developing the Prague Summer Writers’ Workshop, which runs annually in the Czech capitol.