Many people are confused on whether they should stick to three meals a day or eat four to six smaller mini-meals throughout the day. Like so many things with nutrition, the answer depends on a variety of factors and that means that there is not one correct method of eating that works perfectly for everyone. For instance, snacking wisely is beneficial for people with blood sugar issues; those who want to shed some excess pounds, and the very active. Eating more often is also critical for young children because their energy needs and metabolism rates are high.


In addition to exercise snacking on small amounts of healthy food throughout the day can optimize energy levels and help you manage hunger by providing fuel that your body requires. It also helps maintain more even blood sugar levels. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, you can choose healthy snacks in reasonable portion sizes. Planning ahead ensure you have health snacks on hand to provide the energy you need to get through your day.


Healthy Snack Options for the Workplace


Besides fruit, a healthy workplace program can consist any of these wholesome snack alternatives, allowing your employees to continue to enjoy snacking without piling on the pounds. Most options are easy to prepare and are probably already in your employee’s cupboards or refrigerators at home.


  • Smoothies. For a sustainable choice that’s full of nutrients, grab a piece of fruit and whip up a smoothie.

  • Fat-free popcorn. Choose healthier versions of microwave popcorn for a quick afternoon snack full of fiber.

  • Cheese and crackers. Opt for reduced-fat cheese and low-fat, whole grain crackers.

  • Yogurt. A great source of calcium, buy plain yogurt and add fruit or granola.

  • Vegetables. Cut up a variety of vegetable and dip in light or fat-free ranch.

  • Nuts and seeds. Grab a handful of seed or nuts and load up on a lot of useful energy to get through the afternoon slump.


Compared to junk food items, these healthy snacks are all good for you. However, it’s important to realize that everything should be eaten in moderation. Eating too much of anything can cause harm to your body. It’s vital that you are eating a healthy, balanced diet.


Take the Step to Making a Change


Occasionally, managers either pick up or order food for meetings. With a significant number of adults overweight, and with that the number steadily increasing, it is essential to examine food choices in the workplace. Changing the current food environment from chronic exposure to high fat, highly refined foods to healthy, wholesome options, such as fresh fruit and whole grain, low-fat snacks, in the first step to encouraging all employees to supporting a healthy workplace.


Scheduling Snacks


By scheduling healthy snacks throughout the day, you can avoid eating constantly. If you sit down and focus on enjoying your snack instead of eating on the run, you’ll soon discover that you are eating because you’re hungry and not out of habit. Having plenty of healthy snacks for the office can keep you from heading for the vending machine at moment of weakness. You can’t go wrong with fruit boxes in the office. Nothing is more healthy, convenience or loaded with benefits.