Valencia is one of the best holiday destinations in Europe. If you haven’t been yet then you really need to start planning a trip there soon. Everything from the weather in Valencia to the food is absolutely spot on; I think it must be impossible to not have the holiday of a lifetime there.


Enjoying the beaches, nightlife and shopping is very easy indeed because there is so much choice. But what food should you be eating when you arrive? I’ve drawn up a great list of food that you need to try in Valencia. If you’re on a diet then leave that at home because it would be a crime not to eat as much as possible, I promise you’ll be missing the tasty food from Valencia as soon as you get the plane home!


Paella has to be, without doubt, the most important local dish in Valencia. I am sure that most of us have tried Paella once in our lifetime, but you haven’t truly tasted ‘real’ Paella until you’ve eaten Valencian Paella. From the moment it hits your taste buds you’ll notice that the way they make it in Valencia is different from any other Paella you have ever tried – my advice, eat as much of it as possible!

All i Pebre

This is one of the most important local dishes that I came across, and it is definitely one of most known dishes in Valencia. The name of the dish actually includes two of the main ingredients – garlic and eels. All i pebre originates from the island of El Palmar. When you tuck in to this tasty dish you will find eels, water, salt, garlic, chili, potatoes and some oil.


I have a very sweet tooth so I was delighted when i found Arnadi. I think it is one of the oldest deserts that can be found in Valencia. This delicious homemade golden cake comes with almonds, crystalized pumpkin, sugar and cinnamon. You can’t go wrong with those ingredients and this cake has been made for so long that the people of Valencia have perfected it, I tried not to eat so much but I ate it every single day of my holiday!

Bunyols (fritters)

It’s during the Falla when the fritters are eaten, you’ll see them everywhere you turn – eat as many as you can! The best thing is that they are traditionally eaten with a nice mug of hot chocolate. Wondering though the festival there is a beautiful smell in the air of fresh fritters and hot chocolate, it’s enough to make your mouth water. The fritters are made using flour, wheat, and yeast and then sprinkled with sugar. If you are there during the festival then I am sure you will find it very difficult to resist the fritters, your palate will thank you for buying them.

Apart from the more traditional dishes that I have told you about above, you can find all sorts of cuisine in Valencia. The city is very cosmopolitan and the modern Valencia is pushing the boundaries with the food they are producing. If you’re a foodie then you’re going to love Valencia.