When you have traveled to as many countries as I have, you get to go to some of the most incredible places and experience the best things that are possible in life. Experiences make up most of what is great about travel and I have written this post to talk more about some of the things that I love about traveling the world.


This definitely has to be on of the the world’s 50 greatest travel experiences because visiting this wonderful city is incredibly enriching from many perspectives. I love walking around and seeing what is without a doubt the birthplace of the modern world. The art, history and culture that developed in the narrow but beautiful streets of this city is an empowering experience. I particularly enjoyed visiting the Belvedere and looking out onto the city or seeing some of the art that you only read about or see pictures of.

Kuala Lumpur

I really enjoy this big city in Malaysia, it has an interesting skyscape that is dominated by the looming Petronas towers, which are next to each other and connected by an awe inspiring skybridge. It is possible to go up here and enjoy the view of the city and the forests that surround it. The food here is incredible and is a mixture between Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisine. If you want another great adventure experience you can explore the Batu Caves which lie just on the edge of the city. This place is also well known as a Hindu Temple.


London is one of those cities that is full of adventure and excitement that you need a lifetime to discover. Of course the main attraction as a tourist is of course the classic Trafalgar Square or the Thames, but I love the bustling streets, the cafes, bars and restaurants that are quite literally everywhere. London is just one of those places that you can take at your own pace, whether it means relaxing in one of the many parks, getting out and about at night or simply walking around and exploring, there is always something in London to do.


Berlin is the city of the night and the ultimate place for adventure, there really isn’t anywhere else as unique as it in the world. The nightlife draws many people here every summer time and the cultural scene is just bursting with things to do. One of my favourite things to do is to explore the lakes that surround the outskirts of the city (most within 20km of the centre) and this for me is a great way to spend time here. If you are going in Winter, there are many Christmas markets to explore and many normal markets that occur on the weekends in small squares all over the city.