There is no doubt about it; some women just have that ‘aura’. The skin, the hair, the clothes – all perfect, but effortless, as if style and beauty are their birthright. Grace Kelly was the epitome of this flawless look, but stars like Emma Stone, Emma Watson and Beyoncé are carrying the flame for the modern woman. These are the true fashionistas; women who do not just follow fashion, but inspire and direct it.


Get the look 

Many, if not most, women the world over desire the classic, flawless-skinned look of the fashionista. So how is it achieved? Well, the basics are quite straightforward – good nutrition, exercise, sufficient hydration and plenty of sleep are the foundations of beautiful skin. Add to this, thorough but not harsh skin cleansing, protection from UV light, and a good moisturizer used on a regular basis. 

Dermatology and cosmetic treatments are constantly developing and progressing, and there are now several treatments used by world-renowned beauties to keep their skin perfect, that are increasingly within the reach of ordinary people. 

This fact matters, because beautiful skin is the indispensable foundation of the flawless classic look. Just look at pictures of Halle Berry, Lucy Liu and Scarlett Johansson: they all have clear, glowing skin in virtually every shot. Beautiful skin is the basis of beauty, elegance and grace.


Use technology 

As technology becomes ever more a part of daily life, many savvy fashionistas, including some very high profile celebrities, are turning to technological means of making their skin look more beautiful. Laser and other forms of skin rejuvenation can make a huge difference to the complexion, while avoiding the risks, side effects and costs involved with more invasive techniques such as surgery.

It is now even possible to choose from a large and expanding ‘menu’ of treatments, which makes it much easier for modern women (and men) to focus on exactly the results and skin improvements they want. There is a huge range of skin care options including skin tightening, and microdermabrasion, among others. Most are quick and easy to administer, with little or no recovery time required – and they are increasingly affordable. 

The great thing about modern professional facial aesthetic treatments, when administered by reputable professionals, is that they make really great skin achievable, with little more effort than that required by a standard skin care regime. 

Hair removal is a must, and it is essential that you choose quality products such as Yes! Hair removal by Finishing Touch. As seen on TV, it is a painless way to remove unwanted hair, and helps you avoid beauty mishaps. This is the perfect companion for any woman seeking a smooth and flawless complexion.


Classic beauty 

There is no doubt that good skin and beauty begins with good food, good exercise and good basic skin care. Without these elements, it can be virtually impossible to achieve a flawless look. 

However, for that extra ‘something’ that lights up the complexion, professional skin treatments and skin care regimes can be fantastic additions that enhance and protect not only the appearance, but also the health of the skin. Why not check out some of the options available and find out whether such an approach could bring out the inner fashionista, and classic beauty, in you?