We are becoming a space-faring civilization, and with that comes a large requirement for responsibility, humility, and unity!

Ever since I was born, we have been sending humans out into space – not very far – only into low-earth orbit for the last 25 years – and the moon is only a quarter-million miles away, but I was barely alive a year when we first landed there, 29 years, and there has always been a fascination with what may be “out there”.

Our satellite “eyes” have drifted by the planets, and all the way out of the solar system. So it is only natural for people of my generation, and especially those younger than me, to expect that we will continue to voyage farther into the cosmos – to explore the infinite creation.

And we wonder if we will encounter Extra-terrestrial life – Recent discoveries from planet Mars and Jupiter’s moon Europa, have implied to us that life outside of the Earth may be incredibly common, and that Mars may have been very similar to the Earth in the distant past. We have also found frozen water on Mars, and on our Moon – and we know that water is a key ingredient for the emergence of life. The door has been opened to predictions of thousands of intelligent civilizations possibly existing on planets within our galaxy!

The Earth is only one planet, around one star – of the approximately 400 billion stars in the Milky Way, and there are estimates of at least 400 billion other galaxies! To borrow a quote from the movie Contact “If we are alone, that sure does seem like a waste of space! ” These announcements, and the decidedly alien tendencies of the entertainment and marketing industries lately, make it easier for us to accept that UFOs and ancient Monuments on Mars are part of a larger reality that we may be entering.

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But to play in that bigger picture, we as Humankind must set aside our differences and fears, and develop into a sustainable and peaceful global civilization. We must be aware of our integrating factor – that we are all citizens of planet Earth, and should therefore treat all our brothers and sisters with respect. Until then, I don’t see how we can be respected by other intelligent, extra-terrestrial beings.

To them, we must look like cannibals in the jungle – competing and fighting and gorging ourselves. The incredible technological advances that we are developing can be used to improve the quality of life for all human beings, instead of their current uses as weapons to kill and destroy “the enemy” more efficiently and completely!

The only enemy is fear, and love will defeat it every time! Imagine what could be accomplished alternatively to create happiness and balanced life, with the three trillion dollars that is spent every year on militaries, and on the production and consumption of energy. “Peace on Earth” is not just for Christmas anymore – it’s a requirement for the next millennium.

To sum up my view of the ET presence – I see the arrival of the ETs as a call to unite, as Humankind, as planetary citizens from Earth. To stop fighting amongst ourselves, and to arise into the galactic community! Our awareness of them can be a catalyst for the dissolution of separateness and fear in our world. To dissolve national boundaries, to dissolve differences between belief systems, and to manifest the emerging paradigm in which we all peacefully and happily coexist in a global community. Simply believing that it is possible brings us closer to that aware state!

So what might a fearless future look like? “Imagine, if you will…”

No prejudice or hatred. No poverty or addiction. No hunger or disease. No secrecy or distrust. No pollution or abuse. AND NO LIMITS!

Now consider that one of these suppressed technologies – free energy generators – exist. That is, a powerplant that outputs more energy than is required to keep it running. You’ve got one beside your house right next to your a/c unit – that supplies all your power needs. No more electric bills. No more gas bills. No more ugly wires hanging over our heads!

This machine is modified, and replaces the engine in your car. No more exhaust gases. No more fill-up stations on every corner. No more oil changes – Every three thousand miles!

Directly related to free energy is anti-gravity technology. Imagine going into orbit for an afternoon to view a hurricane churning over the ocean, or just to admire the beautiful planet. How about traveling to any part of the world in less than an hour? Or standing in a saucer and “air-surfing” around the neighborhood? And what if we could zip out to Mars in a day – to see how the terraforming project was going?

In this potential future, sonic frequency devices are functional – to clean the pollution from the air, to purify the water, to neutralize disease, to manufacture building materials in space, and to enhance learning abilities!

And we are capable of teleportation – we can materialize anything, anywhere – and the product distribution and travel industries are revolutionized!

When we open our minds and our hearts to the reality of extra-terrestrial civilizations coexisting with us here on planet Earth, all of these magical machines are possible in the near future – when we live in a world without fear and war. . Remember – We ALL have the option to choose this reality as our future, and LOVE as our destiny!

You may say I’m a dreamer, But I’m not the only one, I hope someday you’ll join us, And the world will live as ONE…

John Lennon wrote that in the song “Imagine”. I hope that you all think that sounds like a more promising future than the current self- destructive path we’re on. Now try to visualize it, and create the dream!