Perfumed candles or scented candles as they are sometimes known are perfect for any home no what the time of year is. The lovely visual of the flickering flame coupled with a fantastic fragrance make perfumed candles an essential addition to any household. The seasons will have a direct impact on the scents that you choose, the time of year will dictate wether you opt for some fresh, fruity scents or for some woody more relaxing tones.

Perfumed candles are produced from was which then gets infused with essential oils, you can find candles that are made entirely from natural products but on the whole they will be a lot more expensive. The candles have been around for hundreds of years and have stood the test of time, they are a great way to hide and unwanted aromas and also to bring life to any room. Over the years the range of choices have increased no end, you can know find a huge number of different aromas, styles and shapes of perfumed candles in the shops.

You should always remember to be safe when lighting candles in your home, whilst they are usually very safe and reliable we all know the dangers that come along with them. A simple candle holder will help you take away nearly any risk involved. I always advise blowing the candle out if you are ever leaving the room, not only is it safe but it means you will get to enjoy your candle for a longer period of time.

You can expect the candle to last for around 8 hours on average, but if you have a very large candle it will usually go for nearly 20 hours! Of course the exact time can be altered by a number of different factors, these factors are mostly to do with the production stage of the candle. The materials used, the handicraft and the quality of production will alter how long your candle can burn for.

In conclusion perfumed candles are a fantastic idea, if you are yet to try them in your home then you should try them as soon as you possibly can, what have you got to lose? In the autumn months you can make your home feel so unbelievably cosy and during the summer months you can add that freshness and summer feel with ease!