Traveling stress free is the goal for everybody, because let’s face it, travel can be exhausting. It is also incredibly rewarding, so what if you could take out all the stresses of it? Well you most certainly can and I have compiled some tips below to help you to do this. I hope you enjoying reading about how to make your next holiday stress free.

Get an airport transfer

There really is nothing worse than not knowing your way around an airport after being on a plane for a long time. You are most likely tired and not looking forward to the rough trip with public transport to your final destination. With an airport transfer service like Blacklane, you can forget about the stresses of crowded buses, trains and other forms of public transport. A chauffeur service is truly unbeatable because you can sit back, relax, not worry about your luggage or where you are going. This means that you are fresh and ready to go when you reach your accommodation.

Check in online

The worst thing in the world is going to the airport and taking the gamble of not checking in before. Taking 5 minutes to check in online is one of the best 5 minutes that you can invest into your trip. The best thing is that you can simply drop your bags off and walk straight to security without the queues. You can even do things like choose your seat or anything else that you may need for your trip. Do not leave it to chance, because you never know how busy the airport will be. Check in online every single time!

Make a non-negotiable list

Before I walk out the door I always have a list of things that I absolutely need to take with me. All the other stuff is nowhere near as important and it doesn’t matter so much if I forget to pack an extra pair of pants compared to something like my passport. These non-negotiable items and the bare minimum for travel and include things like your passport, drivers licence, cash, tickets and cards. Make sure you think carefully about what should go on this list and always check it before you walk out the door.

Get a map

Having a map isn’t what it used to be and now you can get maps directly on your smartphone, which is incredibly convenient and along with GPS you can never get lost. You aren’t always going to have internet everywhere, but there are a number of map apps for smartphones that allow you to download offline maps and simply use them with GPS on your phone. The great thing is that this doesn’t cost a thing!