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Dentistry can be a confusing profession for most normally people and there are many specific words that you hear dentist and people talking about. Of course it can be confusing, but it isn’t so difficult, so I decided to make this little article about some commonly used dental jargon and what it means.



These are without a doubt the most common dental procedure and these are a special filling to repair damage to a tooth or to fill areas of the teeth where there are holes, known as caries. The dentist will remove the decaying or damaged area and then fill any gaps with a special type of filling, which is usually a composite material. This will provide a strong repair and will last for many years.


Root canal

This is where the root system for a tooth becomes infected and this system is removed, because your teeth can still function normally without it. The root system is then filled and the tooth is sealed with a substance that is used for fillings. This treatment helps to prevent any infection spreading in your mouth and also prevents you from losing your tooth or teeth!



When the teeth become decayed, damaged or broken they are of course not as strong as there were before. The tooth however may be otherwise strong and crowns are a good option here. A dentist will remove the decayed and damaged areas of the teeth and will shape the tooth so that it can receive the crown. Crowns are simply caps that fit over the teeth and secured. They are generally made of a composite material that can be precisely matched to the teeth surrounding them and this makes them a good natural looking option with a strong base.



These are a very common orthodontic treatment that aims to correct any imperfections in the alignment and position of teeth. Braces use wires under tension in order to move teeth into the correct position over time Because the teeth will constantly move, the braces will also need to be constantly adjusted and tightened in order to move the teeth into the correct position. Braces are normally worn for a one to two years and are extremely effective at straightening and correctly aligning the teeth.


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