When the time comes to retire, many of us like the idea of moving home, to a more relaxed and tranquil setting where we can enjoy the final chapters of our lives. Getting the right spot for where you will live however is not always easy, especially given the fact that this is usually a decision between two people, who perhaps want different things. Eight years ago my partner and I moved to Cornwall after retiring, the decision was relatively easy given that we both wanted to be near the sea, and when we saw a property for sale in Cornwall, we figured it must have been written in the stars. I wanted to write a quick piece to encourage any of you who are looking to retire somewhere beautiful, to come to Cornwall, and here is why.

Slow Pace

Part of our reason for wanting to get out of London was for a slower pace of life, we simply don’t have the energy anymore for the mayhem of a city. Here in Cornwall everything moves at a nice slow pace, whether you are in the small towns like Padstow or the bigger cities like Truro. Down here nothing is done with haste, and everything moves at a nice slow meander.

Coastal Walks

I always knew that I wanted to retire by the sea and always had images of long coastal walks, breathing in that fresh sea air and taking some time out to enjoy the world. Here in Cornwall you will find this in abundance, with thousands of miles of seemingly untouched coast to explore.


I am not exactly sure of the demographics, but here in Cornwall there is very much an aging population, and it has also become popular with other retirees. What this means for you is that there is a real community which you can get involved in down here, with plenty of clubs such as the Lions and the Rotary, as well as plenty of community based activities happening such as trips and games nights.


Whether you have just retired at 60 or you are in the last decade of your life, good food is going to be an essential ingredient to a good life. This is exactly what you can find in Cornwall and in fact, some of the best restaurants in Britain can be found here. Furthermore, you will not eat fresher fish or seafood anywhere else in the country than you will do down here.


In comparison to the rest of the UK, the climate here in the South West is wonderful and whilst winters can still get a little tough, the other three seasons provide plenty of warm weather and lots of sunshine. What better way to enjoy your retirement than to be sitting out in the garden, and basking in the warmth for most of the year!

If you are looking for the perfect place to retire, look no further than Cornwall.