Contact lenses are a highly attractive option for many people, offering vision correction that feels natural and removes some of the biggest drawbacks of having to wear glasses.

One of the decisions that people thinking about using lenses will have to make is what sort of product to go for.

There are many options to choose from, among the most popular of which are daily disposables and monthly lenses. Both have their advantages, so read on to find out more about what could be the right choice for you.

Daily disposables

Daily disposable contact lenses could be the ideal option for people who are trying contacts for the first time.

If you have always been interested in wearing lenses but don’t want to make too much of a commitment, go for daily disposables to see how they work for you over a short period of time.

Daily lenses offer maximum convenience – you simply have to insert a new pair at the start of each day and dispose of them at the end of the day. This means you don’t have to worry about regularly disinfecting your lenses or storing them in a clean case; all you have to remember is to remove them before going to bed.

This option provides valuable flexibility, particularly for people who only want to wear contact lenses occasionally, when playing sports or going to a special occasion where you don’t want to wear glasses, for instance.

People interested in buying daily disposable contact lenses online can see what specific options are available fromĀ Feel Good Contact Lenses.

There are products on offer from various well-known, established brands, such as Ciba Vision, Acuvue, Bausch & Lomb and CooperVision. Bausch & Lomb’s SofLens range or Ciba Vision’s Focus Dailies All Day Comfort lenses could be a good place to start for shoppers looking for an affordable option.

People with astigmatism can also find toric daily lenses to help treat the condition.

Monthly lenses

For people who have committed to the decision to use contact lenses for a sustained period of time, monthly disposables are a good option.

One of the biggest advantages of this choice is cost, as monthly lenses are likely to work out cheaper than daily disposables, even with the additional expense of things such as solutions and cases.

Furthermore, the monthly option is recommended for people who are likely to wear their lenses regularly, rather than for one-off events and occasions.

You simply have a single pair of lenses that you can use for a period of up to one month, and all you have to do is make sure they are kept clean.

The best way to reduce the risk of infection is to disinfect your lenses by placing them in a solution when you are not wearing them. This removes the majority of germs and bacteria that can build up on the surface of the lens, and also keeps the product clear and moisturised, resulting in maximum comfort and effectiveness.

It is important to remember that your contact lens case must also be kept clean and disinfected – there is no point in cleaning your lenses if they are then stored in a dirty case.

People who decide to go with monthly lenses can choose from product ranges such as Ciba Vision’s Air Optix Aqua, CooperVision’s Biofinity and Bausch & Lomb’s SofLens 59.

When making your decision, bear in mind that the lenses you are able to wear could depend on your prescription. It is advisable to consult your optician if you use lenses and are thinking of switching from dailies to monthlies, or vice versa.