Would You Head to A Tropical Paradise for Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is continuing with the upward trend it has been on for decades now, with more and more people each year having the things they dislike about their faces and bodies altered by elective surgical procedures. In recent years, we have seen cosmetic surgery become mainstream, rather than being reserved for the rich and famous, becoming something people consider at a younger age, and also becoming almost as widely undertaken by men as by women. Another trend in terms of cosmetic procedures like breast augmentation, face lifts, hair replacement, liposuction and rhinoplasty is where people are going to get it done.

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More customers has meant that more and more clinics offering cosmetic surgery are now accessible to most people in places like Europe and North America within their own hometowns. However, a more desirable option for many is to fly away to an exotic destination in South East Asia to undergo their surgery. Here, we take a look at why:

Cost Savings

One of the main reasons why people travel long distances and incorporate their surgery into a foreign holiday is that they can get what they want far cheaper. Despite Singapore’s generally very high cost of living, an elective cosmetic procedure in a Singapore clinic can still cost less than in places like the US, Canada, UK or Australia, and in somewhere like Malaysia or Thailand you will pay far less than that – in fact, many people from Singapore make the much shorter journey to Thailand for a cheaper surgery option.

A Nicer Experience

While recovering from your surgery may prevent you from going scuba diving and windsurfing, you have to agree that going through what can be a physically delicate time in a comfortable hotel in a beautiful location is preferable to struggling with taking care of cooking and cleaning for yourself on your own at home. If your procedure is one that doesn’t have much of a recovery period, you can of course make the most of your time away and spend a few days exploring and doing normal vacation stuff before you fly home!

South East Asians are pretty keen on cosmetic surgery themselves, with South Koreans among the world’s biggest consumers of cosmetic procedures (beating previous leaders like America and Italy). This means that it is big business and not just with Western tourists looking for a cheaper option. As such, this has led to very good facilities and well trained specialists, so you are getting the same level of technology and care as you would expect at home (or better, depending on where you are from!).

As you can see there are some very good reasons why people are choosing destinations in South East Asia when they consider surgical procedures. Getting a good quality service for less with a much more pleasant recuperation period (if you don’t feel the need to have your friends and family close by as you recover) means there are very few downs