The workplace is generally somewhere that people think about going every day to make money, provide for their family and put in a day of productive labor. It is not somewhere that most people imagine they will be at risk of personal injury. However, though it would be ideal if it was a risk-free environment, the truth is that workplace injuries do occur and it’s important to be aware of what to do if this happens to you. If you have a job, even if it’s in an environment that appears to be risk-free, consider that you might want to read up on how to deal with a workplace injury in the event that it happens to you or someone you know.


What causes workplace injuries?

Injuries in the workplace can be caused by a great variety of factors, especially considering the wide range of jobs and working environments that exist. The most common injuries occur in jobs that are physically-oriented, such as construction. Accidents can be caused by faulty equipment or negligence on the part of anyone involved. If equipment and facilities are not properly maintained, they can cause injury to employees and there are many work environments where accidents can be caused by improperly maintained facilities. It is important for a company to maintain everything from the safety of staircases to the office chairs, tables and any other equipment that workers use.

Negligence is another main cause of injuries in the workplace. When people become careless they may fail to comply with the safety precautions put in place to avoid accidents. For example, the cook in a restaurant might be careless and leave the burning on, causing injury to someone who is passing by. It is important for all employees and supervisors to be aware during their shift and take precautions to prevent injuries.

Common workplace accidents

Many workplace accidents involve improperly maintained equipment. The most serious accidents often occur at construction sites where workers are harmed by heavy tools and equipment. Other injuries happen in restaurants, where very hot equipment is handled and if carelessly left at the wrong temperature, can cause serious injury. In jobs where driving is involved, auto accidents are a very common cause of injury. The causes of such accidents can vary from negligence on the part of one of the drivers, to improperly maintained vehicles or roads. In these types of accidents it is very important to look at the situation and figure out which factor actually caused the incident. If it was one of the drivers, the person injured may be liable to receive compensation from the person at fault.

Office jobs may appear to be relatively risk-free, but workplace injuries can and do occur here as well. If the facilities are not maintained, workers can injure themselves on staircases, by sitting on broken chairs and by other office equipment that is not up to standard. It is important for the human resource department to make sure that workers have a safe place to work in.

How to avoid workplace injuries

 Workplace injuries can easily be avoided with the proper amount of precaution and awareness. Facility managers are responsible for ensuring that the work environment is a safe place for employees. This includes maintaining the building, equipment and anything else that workers come in contact with. If these areas are improperly maintained and injury occurs, the managers can be held liable for the costs and the business may even be in jeopardy. Employees are also responsible for being aware of their actions and taking safe measure when working. Employee training should include modules on how to work safely and what to do in case of injury on the job.

What to do you if you suffer a workplace injury

If you or someone you know experiences an injury in the workplace, it is important to document the event very carefully. If you are not directly responsible for your injury your employer may be liable to pay compensation. Take photos of what happened and keep track of any medical bills you have to pay. Not only will you have to submit these to the insurance company, you might also be able to file a lawsuit to get compensated for your injuries and any lost income if you have to miss work because of them. If you are able to gather enough specific information and hire a lawyer, you will benefit from workers personal insurance compensation. This will help you take care of any bills resulting from the injury and compensate you for physical and emotional damage you may have suffered.