earth time is shortI don’t have much to say about democracy after seeing what happened in New York. I put the emotions aside and tried to look at it only with “Cold Hard Logic”.

So I chose, for as long as I could, not to consider the many innocent people who died, and the thing that hits me is that whoever planned this attack was very clever and had a very simple plan that probably didn’t cost a lot of money to execute. It is not so hard to hijack a plane, so if you can hijack one plane, you can hijack two planes, if you can hijack two planes, you can hijack three planes, if you can hijack three planes, you can hijack four, etc., maybe 3 hijackers on each plane.

Maybe one hijacker to fly the plane and two to control the crew and passengers. In fact, you don’t even need a pilot because all modern jet planes have “GPS”, just punch in the coordinates and the plane will fly there on its own, very simple! I heard on the BBC radio that everybody is calling them “cowards,” and yet it seems that all these Government Leaders must be afraid of something, hidden as they are in safe houses protected by bodyguards.

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Worldwide, people are just shocked, rightly so, but Cold Hard Logic is always simple and sound. Then Propaganda speaks!

“Now everybody let’s get revenge and kill the terrorists, bomb all rogue nations, bomb Saddam! God Bless America! Rally around the flag! ” Some people have even called for “Nuking” the cowardly f*ckers! “Give the CIA more money! More efficient intelligence networks worldwide! ” The list will go on & on!

Cold Hard Logic says!

The emotions generated by this event will prevent normal people worldwide from asking the most important questions of the powers that be; our Governments and Churches.

“What causes people to do this? Who really benefits from this behavior?”

The most important question is this!

Are these quickly labeled ‘terrorists’ really terrorists that attack innocent people to cause fear? Or are they a small Guerrilla Army that plans attacks on Government structures that causes collateral damage?we're doomed! Your Webster’s Dictionary will define “Terrorism” this way: The systematic use of terror, as a means of coercion.

Your The Merriam-Webster English Dictionary will define “Guerrilla” this way: A member of a small independent fighting force which in engages in sabotage, unexpected assaults, etc.

A semantic question: Is Bin Laden a terrorist, or does he lead a small Guerrilla Army? My bet is that it was some new, unknown, small Guerrilla Army, which planned this attack with military precision with the sole aim of bringing down the American financial system, or perhaps as a counterattack for what it feels is an increase of American military unilateralism worldwide.

“Who & Why” are the questions that may never get answered because public opinion and the thirst for more terror will mandate some form of retribution as soon as possible!

But don’t forget how many times we’ve heard the term “Collateral Damage” used by Governments all over the world to describe the innocent people who die in so-called “justified attacks” on “Rogue Nations”.

I may seem to be very cold-hearted and very uncompassionate, but I must say it was only a matter of time for this to happen because of the behavior of agents of the American Government and her Religions; the double dealing, assassinations, support for terrorists and guerrilla armies worldwide when it benefits their aims, the toppling of democratically elected Governments, & creating unstable conditions worldwide for the sake of Democracy & Religion and it is all BULLsh*t! (Sorry, emotions seeping in).

I have to take my hat off to the sickos who planned these attacks, they had a good plan, a very simple plan, very easy to execute & maybe done for less money then it takes to buy one of those “Tomahawk” missiles America is so proud of when they need to bomb somebody to preserve “Democracy”. Many worldwide would say they had it coming and I blame the secret cabals hiding behind the government of the United States of America and their cousins in the big religions for provoking these attacks.

Remember the bombing in Kenya? Sudan detained some men at the border who they thought they were the ones involved in the bombing. They informed the FBI & CIA that they were holding them and the Clinton Administration refused to pick them up and interrogate them because Sudan is on the list of “Rouge Nations” and it would have to change its stance towards Sudan.

Two days later they bombed a pharmaceutical production factory in Sudan and then told the world it produced biological weapons. Guess what? 10 days after the bombing the Government of Sudan holding the men finally released them. They have never found the men that did that bombing! This is just one of many examples that can be used “Why?” Because of public opinion, or maybe because of Clinton’s Blow Job Scandal?

As a human being I am responsible for my actions & I must accept that the actions I undertake will have an affect on other people, depending on my behavior.

one world or none

Example; if I just hit someone and that person hits me harder than I hit him, who is responsible?

Maybe it’s because the power structures of Governments & Religions worldwide are made up of such a small number of individuals that there will never be any true accountability. You cannot try a Government or Church for murder in a court of law. You can take members of the structure and try them for murder in a court of law, but you will never hold the structure accountable.

It is the will of the people that are supposed to check the structures of power worldwide. But, having seceded from actual participation in democracy, it is only the terrorists & guerrillas who attempt to make the profiteers of misery and environmental destruction accountable. The basic aim of the Terrorist and the Guerrilla is to change the power structure.

We have all been taught that freedom comes with a high price. But whose freedom? The freedom of the existing power structure to lock you up, seize your property, KILL YOU? Or, maybe the freedom of the ‘freedom fighters’ and ‘holy warriors’ like the Taliban, whose freedom would be forced upon all at the end of a gun barrel if they win this war. As I age, I get wiser and gain the freedom of my mind and the purity on my soul because I say they both can go to Hell!

In this war we are all just pawns as long as we forget Cold Hard Logic.

Don’t think for a moment that politicians
and the power structures won’t use our emotions against us. The Structure & The Freedom Fighter are both sides of the same coin, feeding off of fear and instability in human beings worldwide to maintain the structure of their power.

Get used to the idea, wake up and smell the coffee. This is an undeclared War that just became declared and now thousands of innocent “expendable” people will die, possibly even you and me if it serves some political end.

In this article I may seem uncaring, yet as humans on this planet it is up to us to ask the simple question of “why?” and “who benefits?” It’s as simple as that. Of course I feel sorrow for the people who died, and in memory of them my only request for the world is very simple: That every human being starts to use Cold Hard Logic and ask “Why?! Why?! Why?! Why Are The Governments of America, Israel & the Dominator Religions So Hated Around the World? Why so few rich people? Why so many poor people? Most importantly, why do the people in the middle not give a sh*t?”

Here’s what I see happening next; they will play on the emotion and grief of the event and they will have to find someone, or pick the most likely suspect “Bin Laden” (and don’t forget it was the CIA that trained Bin Laden in guerrilla tactics years ago in Afghanistan). Bin Laden is, as we should know, a CIA asset known as a ‘patsy’. Maybe they will pick some other Middle Eastern group to seek revenge on. Everyone will rally around the flag, “God Bless America” and all that, but I’m so sorry, Cold Hard Logic has taken over in me now.

I think all over the world people will lose rights, and the sick thing is the simplicity of it all. The pieces have all been put on the table in anticipation of this, way beforehand.

People will tolerate this and simply say “Well, it has to be done to combat ‘Terrorism'” And the constitution no longer means much, because the preservation of Democracy is more important than a human being’s right to exist, no matter where you come from, or who you are.

I have never been this angry or pissed off as I am now at all Governments & Churches and Terror Mongers Worldwide. The lone terrorist or Guerrilla Army can only react! They don’t say “Well, lets go kill thousands of people this morning unless someone gives us a cause! ”

money rules the world

Who? Why? Life has become one great big illusion, and public opinion is the key to power, nothing is as it seems to be. The Power Structures have prepared for many years, and all the right wingers and extremist worldwide will use this to say ‘I told you so and ‘lets get tough and kick some ass’ and ‘the next time will be worse. ‘

Yet my Cold Hard Logic tells me “Democracy & Freedom” has always been an illusion. In reality the ideal of “Democracy & Freedom” caught a cancer sometime ago and the patient finally died yesterday in New York!

Thank God I still have a sense of humor! I can still watch the Oprah Show later today & the illusion lives on!

– Signed, A man that sings the blues!