When setting up a business the first thing you have to do is obviously make people and other businesses aware of the product or services you are offering. The traditional methods used would have usually been methods like newspaper adverts, leaflet distribution, direct mailing or even cold calling potential customers. Although some of these methods may have had a reasonable amount of success, the advances in technology now have led to a new method of creating customer awareness. This new method is known as digital marketing. Digital marketing is basically done by using smart technology, social media platforms and search engine optimization companies to inform potential customers of your services. Below are a few tips of how to best utilize digital marketing to increase your company awareness.

Now you might think that placing your adverts on popular sites like Facebook or twitter but this is a popular misconception as there are already so many companies utilizing this that sites become overcrowded with adverts and as you will know from personal experience, users get sick and tired of the number of adverts they are being sent and simply skip through without ever looking at them. The other thing is that you don’t even know if you are reaching out to the right audience so the first tip is to target your optimum client base. A pretty good example here is the way people changed the way in which the taxi service industry has changed. If you don’t mind paying a little bit extra you can have a nice taxi turn up almost immediately by simply using an app on your mobile phone. You know this has been successful due to the amount of opposition these taxi services have received from the more traditional cab services.

A second tip is to make sure that you are clear about the product or service you are offering. If people are not sure about what they are getting. Let’s use marketing for dentists For example, if you are a cosmetic dentist specializing in things like teeth whitening or straightening, then you need to make sure that your potential clients understand that is what you are offering. You don’t want people thinking that they can come to you for a simple check-up or a tooth filling. Being very clear about your service will attract the clients you want to use your services.

Finally, try to use your existing client base to do the marketing for you. It is much easier than doing it all by yourself. If you have your own website or are using a media platform then get your existing clients to like or leave comments which effectively is advertising your services to all of their friends. To use the above dentistry example again, getting your clients to advertise for you will significantly improve the number of customers you have.