cattle mutilationAfter searching high and wide I only got 9 links that I deemed worthy of consideration; there’s about a 1000 out there according to Alta Vista, but most are duplicates; much of the remainder are one or two bogus paragraphs long. I think these ones are the best content you’ll find out there right now.

The California Milk Processor Board decided to create a campaign about cows abducted by aliens. (Note: Some of these links may expire due to the sensitivity of the subject matter).

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National Institute for the Discovery of Science Animal Mutilation Page: The NIDS advocates a scientific approach to the investigation of Animal Mutilations. Detailed necroscopies and analyses of the phenomena can be found here.

Skeptics Dictionary on Animal Mutilations: Agressively critical of those who either (1) believe in the existence of the phenomena or (2) think it’s linked to UFOs

Operation Animal Mutilation Official Report: The final report of the U.S. Justice Department’s investigation of the phenomena in New Mexico in the late 1970’s. Also known as the Rommel Report, it blames natural predators for the mutilations.

Cattle Mutilation Photos: See for yourself.

Dead Cows I’ve Known: Putting it all together – Mad Cow disease, Mutilations, the Secret Government and Black Helicopters. Read this only if you dare.

The Mysterious Valley, parts ONE & TWO: An article detailing the experiences of ranchers in Colorado’s San Luis Valley, an area long known for mysterious happenings.

Animal Mutilations Page: Lots of links to articles on mutilation and chupacabras.

FOIA Animal mutilation project

FBI Animal Mutilation Project files: then click on the Unusual Phenomena link to get to the Animal Mutilation Project. See the Real X Files on the FBI’s very real Animal Mutilation Project. You will need to download an Adobe PDF viewer to read the files.

They chronicle the FBI at work, avoiding investigating mutilations, despite frequent reports, and only opening the investigation after being harassed by various US Senators and Congressmen. They include many newspaper clippings reporting mutilations across the country. The file Cattle2. PDF has a particularly detailed article from the September 1976 issue of Oui magazine which is well worth reading.

declassified document on cattle mutilations

What’s the story with cattle mutilations? – The Straight Dope

Cattle Mutilations Called Episode Of Collective Delusion

Alabama Cattle: Cops Mystified!!


Operation Mutilation: The Official Report by Jon Elliston

The Rommel Report: Rommel, Jr. Kenneth M. Project Director, “Operation Animal Mutilation: Report of the District Attorney, First Judicial District, State of New Mexico,” published in June of 1980.