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Baghdad Journal: The Clock Is Ticking

There are two ways to get to Iraq from Jordan – by air and by land. The air option is at best limited: there are no commercial flights and the few UN planes that have extra room are either booked or get canceled at the last minute.

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Three Smoking Guns & One Lying Texan

three smoking guns and one lying texan

The smoking guns in the Iraq war have finally been found. It’s not the vast stocks of nerve gas and anthrax, the hangars filled with “drones of death” ready to strike our cities, or the detailed plans for a nuclear warhead, that would have justified the war…

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More Ramblings About Iraq

victims of bush's war in iraq

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Iraq has become the quagmire of the middle east for the American military. What is the problem in Iraq and why is the situation getting worse and worse? It is you know, even though you are hearing that things will work out. Lets look the situation over!

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