Category: UFO / Extraterrestrials

Trip to Dreamland

satellite view of dreamland

Area 51, that is. You know – that secret air base in the Nevada desert that the government claims “doesn’t exist” at least not in an official capacity…

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Ignore alien orders! Profile of the Grey

This is a composite profile created from sorting through the hundreds of reports from people who claim to have been in contact with alien visitors + testimony from the reputed Roswell autopsy. Generally the contactees had no previous experience with alien types and no idea that others have had similar experiences.

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Extra-Terrestrials, Peace and Evolution

The drive for Space exploration is a late-20th-century trend – we are taking the first steps out from our home planet to explore the frontiers of an infinite universe – very similar to a baby taking its first steps outside of its crib to discover the rest of its bedroom.

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