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CNNi – Tripe for the Stateless Modern

In a thousand years, when the alien anthropologists want to understand fin-de-siecle human civilization before the war or the flooding or whatever it is that mercifully wiped us out, they will find no better site to dig than the satellite signals squiggling through space of CNN International, the omnipotent atlas-straddling face of Ted Turner’s Atlanta based dream child, now a Time-Warner product.

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Voice Of The Left: Indymedia.Org

On the surface, it seems like a great idea; long before bloggers became commonly known, a group of predominantly leftist social activist, tired with their complete lack of access to the mainstream media, decided to start a clearinghouse of information for those disaffected by or disturbed (more accurately) by a whole raft of issues, from globalisation, to the World Trade Organisation to animal rights and the environment.

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What's so funny about art?

Was Art laughed to death by Dada? Or perhaps this sardonocide took place even earlier, with the first performance of Ubu Roi? Or with Baudelaire’s sarcastic phantom-of-the-opera laughter, which so disturbed his good bourgeois friends?

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